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Beer and ice cream, that sums up my life these days.  So I start with a story containing more details about the beer garden coming shortly to LIC via John Brown Smokehouse.  Then I follow it up with a story about Malu, our local ice cream shop on Jackson Avenue that makes their own ice cream.  It’s absolutely delicious and the store is exactly what every neighborhood strives for, and we here in LIC actually get!

Next up we get to real estate, which as frequently is the case dominates the LIC news, not to mention our lives.  Then comes an excellent recap/review of PS1′s Warm-Up last week, which acts as a reminder that it is going on again this Saturday, and every Saturday in the summer.  Then comes two other cultural events happening in the ‘hood this weekend.  That should be plenty of things to do and see, as we await JB…


LIC Beer Garden To Open This MonthChristmas comes early to LIC!  +it mentions a beer festival at Alewife this weekend too

Queens Themed Ice Cream Shop -alright kids, one more beer and we’ll head over to Malu

Apartment Rents Rise At Highest Rate Since 2007that’s right, blame it on Generation Y

LIC Penthouse Could Break Record For Queens Condo -now we know where the JB Smokehouse after-party is at

Buyers In  A Hurry To Buy At One Murrayi’ll take two!

Micro Apartments Coming To NYChow ’bout we just convert that 4th bathroom in the Penthouse into one of these?

Fate Of 5Pointz Awaits Approval From City Board – I’m not laying odds on that decision, bye bye 5Pointz

PS1′s Warm-Up Comes to Temperature For Its 15th Anniversary Seasonone word sums it all up: hedonistic

Warm-Up Mix Previewsin case you want to get started early

Free Lincoln Center Performances Coming To Queens Libraries This Summer -flamenco at LIC Library this Saturday at 2:30pm

The Stage Party Gets Wild In LIC

To Find Fields To Farm In NYC, Just Look Upmentions LIC’s own (mis)named Brooklyn Grange’s One Acre Rooftop Farm

4 thoughts on “BEER AND ICE CREAM

  1. Anonymous says:

    The beer festival at Alewife specializes in cask ales

  2. Z says:

    The perfect LIC weekend: Warm-Up on Saturdays, JB beer garden on Sundays. Now I know why all those hotels are opening up in LIC!

  3. anonymous says:

    Oh great, just as all these great places are coming to LIC, I am going to be priced out of here.

  4. Ally says:

    They are testing the sprinklers in Gantry Park, gotta be close…

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