What's up with the library?  This is

What’s up with the library? This is

What’s up with rezoning upzoning of LIC? What’s the latest on the founder of the Long Island City Academy of Music?  What really happens behind the walls of MoMA PS1 during a summer Warm-up?  When is the CVS in Hunters Point opening?  All this and more below as we approach the ides of August.

Frustrations and Concerns Expressed at LIC Rezoning Workshopit’s not quite Charlottesville, but…

Queens Music School Founder Pleads Guiltycould get life

Cardi B, A$AP Ferg, Kelela & More @ PS1 Warm-upgreat photo essay

CVS to Open Hunters Point Location Sundayget your drugs here

Excavation Underway at 22-12 Jackson Avecondos two blocks southwest of 5Pointz

Thinking Brooklyn but Deciding LICexcellent selection

How Helen Uffner, Vintage Clothing Expert, Spends Her Daysthese are the businesses in the neighborhood category

Play w/ 2,000 Pounds of Clay at LIC Sculpture Event – this Saturday, August 19 from 10am - 2pm at Sculpture Center, where else?  Open to all


  1. LIC_Resident says:

    Is LIC Talk able to find anything out about the library status? Knowing that this new library is being funded by taxes, how is the library organization allowed to operate in full secrecy on this project? I even contacted a representative from the library last week to ask when the opening date is, and the person said they didn’t know and there wasn’t anyone I could ask. I sense an expose in the making…

    • Kelly says:

      I agree this is a huge huge scam. No one is doing or saying anything about it. I even emailed the nytimes requesting that they investigate, considering they were fast to write a sparkling review for it a few years ago.

    • Looks like the windows are finally being installed. Saw them going up today. The windows were custom built by a German company (windows were being made in a factory in Spain, though). There was some sort of labor dispute which resulted in a significant delay. The pace to complete the project should pick up quite a bit once they are fully installed. Some things cannot happen until the structure is water tight.

      • LIC_Resident says:

        Everything you are saying about the structure makes sense. What I am deeply concerned about is the lack of updates from the library organization knowing that they are using public money to fund the project. The fact that I need to get my news from a blog posting about a public project is a huge red flag. What are they hiding?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Actually you couldn’t be more wrong…about pretty much everything you seem to be griping about. Hardly a secret at all. Perhaps a simple search of, I don’t know, this website would provide you the answers you seek LIC Resident.

    Did you really expect the library to give you an in depth response. Ha.

    Not to be too blunt, but I think that you would have answered your own questions much faster than it took you to type five lines.

  3. LAR says:

    Any update on the CVS opening? It definitely didn’t open on Sunday – anxiously awaiting.

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