Yup, didn't miss much here

Yup, didn’t miss much here

Did you hear how the worldwide markets rallied this week after the prior weeks big sell-off due to you-know-who’s opening his mouth?  I can’t solely credit my assuaging global travels, …but you can.  Now, now, I know what you’re thinking, “Why must we share you with the rest of the world?”  To which the only response I can give, is to be thankful we are fortunate enough to live in Long Island City, …the home of the world’s greatest website.

Ok, what did I miss in LIC news? Umm …ahh …lots of headlines, but nothing really significant.  As it’s the weekend, three local events to note:

PS1 MoMA Warm-Up Series begins this Saturdayhere’s my description of last year’s first session:

Despite the oppressive heat, the swarms immersed Court Square like the Deadheads used to do when the band played small cities such as Harrisburg and Utica.  In lieu of tie-dyes, Saturdays’ participants sported lots of piercings and ink, but today’s genre seemed just as well-versed in “augmenting” the experience.  Whatever your musical tastes might be, the Series attracts people from all over the world and it’s pretty awesome to have this event linked to our small city!

Jamesons Revenge, Saturday night at the Irish Center, 8:30pm – a band w/ a name like this, would probably be insulted by my calling this event a little more “restrained” than the Warm-Up

Citylights Summer Arts Festival – Sunday 11-4, Hoo-boy, those Queens rubes, you can probably pick up a Picasso for $50!

Scene Last NightBloomberg puts it’s society spin on the PS1 installation opening.  Nothing like the Warm-Up: champagne for all, everyone kept their clothes on

Zoning For Hunters Point Middle School Could Include Sunnyside Studentsthe 21st Century battle over busing

JetBlue Works For LICall I want is peanuts on my flight

LIC Industrial Sells For $5 million - more condos on the way?

Tony Vaccaro, An Incredible Life in Photographyfamous local photographer has been here since ’72

5Pointz Compromise Met With Skepticismare you kidding?  This is waaay better than a few outta the way walls in some generic high rise.

Plans Filed For 22-22 Jacksonsuper cool building might be coming adjacent to 5Pointz

Stalled Office to Residential Building Now Leasing Near Queens Plaza

Long Island City, Manhattan’s Cooler Neighbouryou got that right!

Queens, the New Frontier for a Brooklyn Bloggerfrontier?

Irish Language Thriving in LICafter a few pints anyway



One thought on “BACK IN LIC

  1. The Wizard of LIC says:

    The 5Pointz flacks should be embracing and advocating the PS1 solution. Though it may be a very long shot, the odds are still much better than the current 5ptz bldg not being demolished.

    Re-assess your strategy people.

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