Small town no more?

Have you heard that for a limited time only you get a free alarm clock for every one-year lease you sign on Center Boulevard?  Unfortunately it only works at 7am, five days a week, and there is no snooze button.  The good thing is you can’t miss it.  It doesn’t really bother me because by that time I’ve usually been up for several hours trading synthetic euro dollar swaps, but the supermodel lying next to me doesn’t have to be on set until 9:45,  so she may have a different opinion.  Oh well, it’s the sound of progress and nothing emphasizes that more than the first story, a huge feature in The Daily News’ Sunday real estate section about LIC.  If you think I am profuse in my praise for LIC and my denigration towards other parts of NYC, the author of this story makes me look like a piker.  After all that gushing, we learn in the second article that nothing is available for sale in the area and thus prices are going up.  Finally closing out this week’s real estate trilogy, we get a press release from TF Cornerstone combining a tally and recap of Taste of LIC with a tout for the neighborhood.  Next up comes the news that:

Tribeca Pediatrics Is Now Open Five Days a Week.

Gee, I didn’t even know it had opened at all, maybe I’ve been spending too much time at the LIC Bar.  Moving on to the “Business” section, we have a local politician putting forth in an editorial/testimonial, a scarily good argument that Queens has the potential to become another Silicon Alley.  It does an excellent job encapsulating all the new cutting-edge and not-so-cutting edge business momentum that I have been highlighting  the last few months.  Typifying that is an article on a new LIC-based company called “Aereo”, that has just launched a tv-streaming service that is getting alot of brush back from the major networks.  Finally, bridging the gap between business and the arts, comes a New York Times story about another successful LIC business called Artists Wanted.

Wow, that’s alot of LIC news manufactured over such a beautiful weekend.  I think that booming alarm I heard this morning was a wake-up call for me to spread all this news to all of you in LIC.  Ohhh, they did it for you Long Island City, for you, sorry for the inconvenience.

Long Island City Waterfront Reaches Neighborhood Nirvana

Listing Prices of New NYC Condos skyrocketing

Taste of LIC raises more than $100,000

Hunters Point Suffering From a Lack of Doctorsbut we do have our own psychiatrist!

The Next Start-Up Destination: Queens“we can render Queens the new tech capital of the world,” and the councilman should know thanks to a junket to Israel’s tech hubs

Aereo Is Sending Cable A Messagewho needs 813 channels of $hit on tv?

Web Sites Illuminate Unknown Artists

LIC Residents Frustrated With LIRR Noise

Illegally Parked Cars Are Eyesore for LIC, Residents Say

4 thoughts on “BOOM BOOM BOOM, IT MUST BE 7AM!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I assume you are referring to the pile drivers on the new tf cornerstone development? Is there anyway to get them to start at say 8am? I would have thought there was some city ordinance disallowing it to start so early, not that it couldn’t be bypassed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    NYC Department of Building Code allows them to start at 7AM.
    The development on 5th St. & 47th Ave is another developer, OCA, LLC.

  3. Chaz says:

    Well the article says that according to the census LIC has gone from 6,000 residents in 2000 to 11,000 in 2010, so you need to build homes.

  4. Doc Holliday says:

    There are not enough doctors in LIC? Stop kvetching, they’ll come. They are individual entrepreneurs and hew to supply and demand, just like the real estate developers did. Capitalism: it ain’t perfect but it beats the alternative.

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