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Creating the Canyon of Heroes

Creating the Canyon of Heroes

“Since the 1920′s, city planners have dreamed of transforming Long Island City into a major urban center just five minutes by subway from midtown Manhattan on the Queens bank of the East River. In September, the City Planning Commission will vote on proposed zoning changes that would make the dream possible.”

BY “September,” we’re talking 1995, which was when the opening paragraph above was written in an article in The New York Times.  These zoning changes combined with additional ones made to Court Square/Queens Plaza in 2001, were the starting point of the march to what Long Island City is today.

Like many things, it took a little longer to play out, but the end results were also much, much bigger than anticipated.

In Hunters Point, the edict above led to Continue reading

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If you can't be in Nusco, LIC ain't too bad

If you can’t be in Nusco, LIC in Fall ain’t too bad

DO you like the new look of the LICtalk website?  Yeah, we figured it was long overdue for an aesthetic makeover, especially since we can’t do anything about the writing.

The tale of how we created the Gantry icon with LIC TALK embedded some may find interesting.  Basically, I snapped a photo of the gantries, paid $30 via a 3rd party site to a recently graduated computer engineer in Sri Lanka named Chathuranga, messaged what I was looking to do, and after some back ‘n forth to get it perfect, voila!1

Furthermore, since a formal business deal has been matriculated between Chathuranga and myself, I am now one of the 4,000 invitees to his wedding in April.  Best of all, my banker at Goldman says the updated site is now worth 50% more than it’s previous value of $8.73.  50%?  Wow that’s some return on my investment, I should be running a major corporation!

//IT’S all business today, and while we’re on the topic, Continue reading

  1. To be more specific, I searched thru a site called for someone who could do Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  It took me two or three requests w/ other providers before Chathuranga, whose handle is blux_tt on Fiverr, agreed to take on the gig.  We then negotiated a price and delivery time and I sent him the photofile. A day later came the first draft, the next day the second one, then another day of back and forth leading to 6-7 fairly simple revisions []


Admit that the waters around you have grown

Admit that the waters around you have grown

A new beer hall is coming to the Blanchard Building on Borden Avenue according to Patrick Sweeney of Related Companies, which is the new owner of the building.  This information was buried in an article in yesterday’s New York Times about how the fashion industry has been gobbling up commercial space in LIC to the extent that it very well may become the second coming of the garment center, or actually replace it all-together.  We’re happy to mine the crumbs of this esteemed newspaper to wring a great headline1- even if unlike the NYT we can’t get a call back from Related.  We’re also very happy to have yet another tremendous beer offering coming to LIC.

//I’d also be very happy to be acknowledged by said newspaper as being Continue reading

  1. and scoop? []
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Where might this Dickensian factory reside?

The destiny of the country is determined here

The weekend is here, let’s dispense with the heavy topics of real estate and affordable housing and script a nice puff piece.  Did you know that Long Island City is home to the largest fortune cookie factory in the United States? Continue reading


There is unrest in the forest There is trouble with the trees For the maples want more sunlight And the oaks ignore their pleas

No Taxation Without Representation!

There is unrest in the forest
There is trouble with the trees
For the maples want more sunlight
And the oaks ignore their pleas

Last week, the LICpost wrote two solid articles about the inability of local restaurant owners to access their backyards. Basically, there has been one long time member of Community Board 2, who due to his not wanting outdoor seating adjacent to his own back windows, has used his position on the board to block any restaurants in Hunters Point from doing so.  This is a long term battle he has waged, and you can read about the start of it back in 2003 right here.

Fast forward to 2014, and were I, The Editor, to have the power to dispense with some personal and local annoyances simply by decree, I cannot say that I wouldn’t.  Unfortunately, I’m just a lowly copy boy with a local blog.  So here is the problem as I see it: Continue reading


Manhattan Fruitier is not just fruit.  Think meats, cheeses, cakes, cookies, candy...

Manhattan Fruitier is not just fruit. Think meats, cheeses, cakes, cookies, candy…

Today we bring you another installment of “A Peek Inside the Big Warehouse Buildings of Long Island City” as we venture down to Borden Avenue to visit Manhattan Fruitier.  This business, a purveyor of fresh fruit and gourmet gift baskets, was started by Jehv Gold back in 1987, and moved from Manhattan to LIC about two years ago. Their space is a big open one about half a football field in size.  Most of the year it is sparsely staffed with about 15 workers, but come the holidays it explodes into action, as the number of employees quintuples in order to keep this well oiled machine running smoothly.

Now to be honest, my first thought upon receiving most gift baskets from say, Harry & David, is “Ughh, this thing looks really expensive but tastes really mediocre.”  But what else would one expect from a company that was pillaged by private equity and then thrown into bankruptcy?  Harry and David are long, long gone, and the company has changed hands three times since the brothers sold the business to RJR Nabisco in 1986.  Despair not, because Manhattan Fruitier elevates the gift basket to a much higher level.  Jehv prides himself on finding the highest quality and tastiest products out there.  Ten years ago a lot of those products came from Europe, but in accordance with today’s thinking, most of it is sourced from the local food movement, as the company strives to support small-scale, hand-crafted food artisans whenever possible.

Check out the website below for details on all the great the vendors, and give the hometown business a try.  Manhattan Fruitier hand delivers gifts in the NYC area, and ships nationwide.  So make your clients and friends happy this year, instead of just content.  While you’re at it, send a gift basket to yourself, because it’s always best to give and receive.

Manhattan Fruitier - local, fresh, and personalized

7 Trains Delayed Due to Signal Problemsand now you know why

LIC Hotel Breaks Ground - yet another hotel comes to the Queensboro Plaza area.  This one will be a Crowne Plaza, 11-stories high, w/ 224 rooms.  Looks like an Asian developer.

NYPD Officer, Mother of 2, Killed in Queensboro Bridge Crash

Call for Safety Review at Queensboro Bridge - JVB, Gianaris etc. say the exit ramp is unsafe

Western Queens Has It All for the Holidaysin addition to all these retail options, think also of LIC’s online presence for your presents: Manhattan Fruitier and IpodMeister

Startup Siblings Become Accidental Entrepreneursone of whom happens to be the co-founder of LIC’s Songza






Could be like the garage in which Hewlett Packard was founded

Palo Alto had Hewlett Packard’s one-car garage, might this be LIC’s version?

Guess what, we’ve got another major corporation that calls LIC home.  It’s GoIndieTV, a distribution platform for independent artists and filmmakers who don’t want to get lost in the clutter of Youtube and Vimeo.  Ok, maybe it really only consists of four employees working from their homes, but it’s emblematic of a large entrepreneurial swath of young America that these days makes a living out of the ether.  Furthermore, it’s exactly the type of disruptional technology helping the Cord-Cutters and Cord-Nevers eliminate paying for cable.  In tandem with another local business, Aereo, one would not be mistaken for thinking that LIC is at the forefront of this industry.

Co-founded by Gregg Cannizzaro, a former E-network veteran and long time Queens local, the website launched in March after being assembled for over two years.  Three out of the four members live and work in the building above, which according to another partner, Erika Santos “Has been in Gregg’s family for like 100 years.”  Another LIC tie that Gregg has, is as an investor in Open Door restaurant, where he can be found on many evenings.  The final question we posed to Erika about GoIndieTV, is “Do you allow nudity?” She responded “A little boob ‘n cheek, but nothing too graphic.”  So for being a good sport, here’s a plug for the site.  Check it out at:

Subway Tunnel Search Underway for Missing Autistic Boy14-year old autistic boy was last seen leaving the Center Boulevard High School on 51st Ave. at 12:30 pm on Friday.  Police have been handing out flyers in our neighborhood, see pic in story.

Landowners Look to Double Their Money in LICreal estate speculation in LIC?  No, couldn’t be.  Check out the lot here.

Queens 5Pointz is a Cultural Institution That Must Be Savedain’t gonna happen, but interesting editorial.


Look at how green that water is.  You'd think it were St. Patrick's Day in LIC

Look at how green that water is. You’d think it were St. Patty’s Day in LIC!

Snooze Alert – My candidness will keep me in penury.  I mean, how am I supposed to sell news with a headline like the one above and then a warning to readers that I don’t have anything very interesting to tell them?  Simple, by keeping it short.  Let’s share a few local activities and then get right to the news.

We are excited to announce the launching of SOUL Karate with our first offering of classes beginning October 16 in Long Island City!Please visit to check out the class descriptions, instructor bio, registration information, and more. Feel free to leave comments, or questions on the page…your feedback is appreciated!  The LIC Fall 2013 session will be 9 weekly classes running on Wednesdays from October 16 through December 18 at the New York Irish Center located at 1040 Jackson Avenue.

On Tuesday 15 October at 4pm, the LIC Community Garden will be launching its Little Free Library.  Little Free Libraries are local community based and run book exchanges, that are springing up all over the world, from Perth, Australia to Anchorage, Alaska, and everywhere in between.  You can find out more about Little Free Libraries at littlefreelibrary.orgThe Community Garden’s Library will be themed around children’s books.

Teen Skateboarder Dies after Falling Underneath a Truck18-year old from Sunnyside

Garde Robe: High End Clothes Storage - the NYT writes up a local biz that charges more to store your clothes than it costs to rent an apartment in LIC. 

$18 Day Pass for The Cliffs at Long Island CityGrand Opening Saturday, October 5th

Ravel Hotel Plans $10 Million Expansionit’ll have an ice rink.  Check out these pics!

Rockrose, M Wells Beef Up Court Square Foodie Credthe restaurant will supposedly be the attraction that brings renters to the thousands of new apartments they’re building

Long Island City Is Having a Moment  – this guy’s a little late to the party, see the opening sentence.  The rest pretty much reads as a love letter to Justin Elghanayan and Rockrose, like he was so smitten just to get an interview.

Renters Start Your Engines: Apartments Are Scarce and The Competition is Fiercethis guy needs to subscribe to LICtalk.  He is so three months ago!

Developer Shows Off Star of the New LICmore on the new amenities by TF Cornerstone


Yup, didn't miss much here

Yup, didn’t miss much here

Did you hear how the worldwide markets rallied this week after the prior weeks big sell-off due to you-know-who’s opening his mouth?  I can’t solely credit my assuaging global travels, …but you can.  Now, now, I know what you’re thinking, “Why must we share you with the rest of the world?”  To which the only response I can give, is to be thankful we are fortunate enough to live in Long Island City, …the home of the world’s greatest website.

Ok, what did I miss in LIC news? Umm …ahh …lots of headlines, but nothing really significant.  As it’s the weekend, three local events to note:

PS1 MoMA Warm-Up Series begins this Saturdayhere’s my description of last year’s first session:

Despite the oppressive heat, the swarms immersed Court Square like the Deadheads used to do when the band played small cities such as Harrisburg and Utica.  In lieu of tie-dyes, Saturdays’ participants sported lots of piercings and ink, but today’s genre seemed just as well-versed in “augmenting” the experience.  Whatever your musical tastes might be, the Series attracts people from all over the world and it’s pretty awesome to have this event linked to our small city!

Jamesons Revenge, Saturday night at the Irish Center, 8:30pm – a band w/ a name like this, would probably be insulted by my calling this event a little more “restrained” than the Warm-Up

Citylights Summer Arts Festival – Sunday 11-4, Hoo-boy, those Queens rubes, you can probably pick up a Picasso for $50!

Scene Last NightBloomberg puts it’s society spin on the PS1 installation opening.  Nothing like the Warm-Up: champagne for all, everyone kept their clothes on

Zoning For Hunters Point Middle School Could Include Sunnyside Studentsthe 21st Century battle over busing

JetBlue Works For LICall I want is peanuts on my flight

LIC Industrial Sells For $5 million - more condos on the way?

Tony Vaccaro, An Incredible Life in Photographyfamous local photographer has been here since ’72

5Pointz Compromise Met With Skepticismare you kidding?  This is waaay better than a few outta the way walls in some generic high rise.

Plans Filed For 22-22 Jacksonsuper cool building might be coming adjacent to 5Pointz

Stalled Office to Residential Building Now Leasing Near Queens Plaza

Long Island City, Manhattan’s Cooler Neighbouryou got that right!

Queens, the New Frontier for a Brooklyn Bloggerfrontier?

Irish Language Thriving in LICafter a few pints anyway




A lot of changes coming, but there's still the Crabhouse

Here’s a real old-timer in the neighborhood

Yessirree, this town is humming!  There is a ton of news to report, some of it new, some of it not so new.  As is frequently the case, real estate tops the list.  TF Cornerstone’s latest rental, an 820-unit amenity filled behemoth, has already leased 160 apartments without blinking.  Lucky residents will be able to avail themselves of bbq grills and cabanas, tennis and volleyball courts, jungle gyms and dog runs, and for Bill Murray there is even a pond!  Also, two new moderate sized buildings have been announced: a hotel on 21st Street south of the bridge, and a residential conversion by Queensboro Plaza.  Finally, if you want to read the latest on the Elghanayan split(the family that basically owns every deluxe residential property in LIC), then we’ve got it here.  Net-net: when it comes to family and money, Thanksgiving and Passover will never be the same.

Moving on from real estate, there is no better way to do it than via bike.  There’s a great story below that gives you all the details on biking and bike paths in Queens.  And did you know there’s a Tour de Queens?  In the kids with cake department, LIC Kids is throwing a party this Sunday …can you believe they’ve been open for six years already?  They’re practically old-timers!  Finally, LIC makes the Daily News’ Top-10 people watching list.  With a record 12 links to pass on today, that honor is really just icing on the cake.

In Queens, The Newest Amenity Is Up On The Roofall about the amenities on the new TF’ building, these days they seem to be de rigeur

New Loan Allows New Residential Conversionoh so that’s how RE works

Hotel To Rise At 21st Street and 44th Avenueat only four stories, I doubt there’ll be many amenities

5Pointz Owner Meets With Criticism On New Buildingand the design plan shows lotsa amenities

Family Nears Final Piece of Property DivorceElghanayan story.  Could they just peel off a single condo for me?  Just one? (LICtalk internet tip: type the name of this article into search engine to get around firewall)

Christine Quinn Pledges New Tech Hub In LIChow about you finish Shady Park first, then we can talk about bigger plans

New School Plans For Success Academy UnsuccessfulI’m not so sure this is the end of the matter by any means

Bicyclists Hit The Road All Across The Borough - just in time for summer

Tour de QueensSunday July 7th, 19 miles long, it’s only $20 bucks.  No doping  …err dopes allowed

LIC Kids Is Turning 6 Years Old and Throwing a Free Birthday Partyan institution in the ‘hood

LIC Museum To House Muppet GalleryLeonard Lauder donates 33 Picassos and 45 other cubist paintings to the Met last month(boring!), and we get 400 items from the estate of Jim Henson.  You tell me which borough is the predominant cultural home …of the 21st century!

The 10 Best Neighborhoods in New York For People Watchingumm, this must be in no particular order, because LIC is #9 and Times Square is #3

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