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A typical household in LIC

A typical household in LIC

It’s going to be another week of declining NFL ratings, as the annual LIC Halloween Parade takes place this Sunday.  It starts at 2:30 and convenes in front of the 108th Precinct House on 50th Avenue, where all children will be biometrically scanned and catalogued to ensure a smooth transition through teenhood,  After that the mayhem begins, and will include: a pumpkin patch, photo booth, dunk tank, spooky games, costume contest, and candy.

But wait, there’s more: This Saturday, October 29, is the PS/IS78Q PTA Fall Festival from noon-3pm on Center Boulevard between Continue reading

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All work and no play make Jack a...

All work and no play makes Jack a…

Playborhooda version of American kid life featured in shows like “The Little Rascals” and “Leave It to Beaver,” in which kids build forts and ride bikes outside, unsupervised

THUS describes the nirvana a very focused father in Silicon Valley tried to create for his kids and those of his neighbors, according to a lengthy profile on him in this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine.  It’s not unlike my description and desires that I have written about and advocated for in LIC since starting this website in 2012.  Whether it be requesting foresight in the planning of Hunters Point Park to visualize it all of half a decade ahead, describing LIC as a giant cul-de-sac, or cultivating free-range kids and selbstständigkeit (self-sufficiency).

Unlike the NYT article, which the father uses to proselytize about what should be, the purpose of this missive is to point out what already is: for all the reasons I mentioned in the previous paragraph’s links, Hunters Point is a playborhood. Now, all that’s needed is for it to be advertised, publicized, and written about as such.  Whether it be real estate brokers, residents, organizations (hello LIC Partnership), landlords, or politicians, it’s time for a major marketing initiative.  This is because playborhoods are nearly impossible to find in 2016 in the U.S., and it takes a herculean effort to actually create one in today’s screen-obsessed world. Thus, one more  reason to live in LIC.

//POKE: a raw fish salad, similar to a tartare or even ceviche, though typically less acidic

Ramen is sooo 2014.  Though it’s still delicious, I only have it delivered and wouldn’t be caught seen in a ramen joint or mention it in conversation.  Nor would anyone who wants to be like the Kardashians.

Nope, today’s hot culinary fad is poke, and Long Island City is about to get it’s first poke restaurant with the opening of PokeLICious. Continue reading

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I got next!

I got next!

The basketball courts on 48th Avenue at Gantry Plaza State Park will be re-opening this Saturday, September 17, with a Grand Celebration.  The NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historical Preservation and the Long Island City Youth Sports League (LICYSL) will be holding youth clinics and games overseen by Coach N, aka Nnamdi Amen, who said about the event:

“Though I love my home at the gymnasium at PS78Q, I’m really excited to finally get a chance to teach and play with the kids of Long Island City on the beautiful new 48th Avenue courts at Gantry Plaza State Park.  I’ve got some new drills and games especially for the occasion.”

LICtalk says: “We love the new fiberglass backboards, it does wonders for my two-handed set shot”

For more information on this event and to join the fun click here, or email [email protected]

//Beans, Grapes, and Leaves appears to have closed.  This news comes Continue reading

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You can't have construction without concrte

You can’t have construction without concrete

Even in the final days of summer, when all eyes and bodies should be at the beach, the news is dominated by real estate in LIC.  Lots of development updates, topping offs, and new renderings.  One data point, indicative of nothing really, is how the highest priced “home”1 ever offered in Long Island City, or Queens for that matter, listed exactly two years ago at $8 million, has gone through three sets of brokers and can be had today for $4.65 million.  In a similar vein, Continue reading

  1. it’s currently cut up into multi-apartments, but at just under 5,000 square really comes across as a single-family home for any respectable person w/ help and all, right? []
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There won't always be a rainbow

There won’t always be a rainbow

In a follow-up to last week’s Berlin playground snippet on selbstständigkeit, the need to inculcate self-sufficiency in kids, I laughed very hard at a recent Simpson’s episode transcribed in Lenore Skenazy’s website Free Range Kids.  Especially because it’s probably funnier and more biting in the reading of it: Continue reading

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Eggstravaganza 2015

Eggstravaganza 2015

Christmas isn’t all about gifts, and Easter isn’t all about eggs.  There’s chocolate bunnies too, and those cute yellow chick marshmallows that taste like styrofoam and take centuries to decompose – Little Peeps!  As for Good Friday, it wasn’t really a very ‘good’ day for the main participant involved.  Yet in aggregate, both holidays, or holy days actually, add up to a three-day weekend.  For those not taking the G-5 down to Bermuda, these two holidays bookend a huge event on the Spring social calendar here in Long Island City: the annual Trinity Grace Church Easter Egg Hunt in Gantry Park.

This is the seventh year of the hunt, and though we have written previously about the juvenile frenzy – in adults – that the hunt evinces, I’m going to bring you up to date on the latest scientific data: Continue reading

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LIC tranquility

LIC tranquility

Recently the mother of a two-year old wrote to ask me how she could get more involved in community affairs, especially vis-a-vis her child.  Though I found it somewhat ironic that of all people she should be asking The Editor, I also let it go to my head.  Therefore I have decided to offer new parents throughout LIC some unsolicited parenting advice1.  Though it won’t in anyway advance your kid’s career prospects, it won’t hurt them, …I think, and it might be helpful to you.  Today’s subject is Continue reading

  1. Warning: the adjunct to its being unsolicited is that it’s also free []



Mm-mm, all the treats I need

Mm-mm, all the treats I need

Here in our giant cul-de-sac, Oktoberfest ends and we immediately start gearing up for the next celebration.  For some reason, Halloween in LIC has taken on a 12-Days-of-Christmas mode and gets celebrated repeatedly.  Or maybe Burning Man is a better metaphor, with candy replacing hallucinogens, and decidedly less risque1, umm… costumes.

Anyway, just like that festival in the desert, Halloween comes to a climax on the final day with the Annual Kids Halloween Parade, aka candy orgy, down Vernon Boulevard.  Things will be a little different this year, mainly because it’s on a Saturday and due to the increasing number of participants.  So here’s the details, straight from the Grand Halloween Poobah herself, Sheila Lewandowski: Continue reading

  1. and creative []


Or you can go nowhere

Or you can go nowhere

This time of year, as the weather turns nice, the playgrounds and parks of Long Island City suddenly repopulate with the noise of children big and small.  Fortunately, unlike many other neighborhoods in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, these kids also have a bounty of nearby outdoor spaces from which to choose.  In addition, the topography of LIC lends itself to a unique environment not seen in many other areas of this city, its suburbs, or frankly anywhere in the country.  We’ve called it a giant cul-de-sac, and I’ve heard others refer to it somewhat disparagingly as cloistered.

These two characteristics, the abundant outdoor choices and the tight-knit community, in tandem with the density provided by vertical living, make LIC the perfect laboratory for Continue reading


Winter will be here soon, what to do with the kids?

Winter will be here soon, where will the kids play?

As we all know, Long Island City is a great place to live.  Yet due to its nascency, there are several crucial resources that have yet to emerge.  One of these is a locally-based youth sports program for kids over five years old.  So I have decided to form one.  It will have a very modest start this winter with a Continue reading

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