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Mm-mm, all the treats I need

Mm-mm, all the treats I need

Here in our giant cul-de-sac, Oktoberfest ends and we immediately start gearing up for the next celebration.  For some reason, Halloween in LIC has taken on a 12-Days-of-Christmas mode and gets celebrated repeatedly.  Or maybe Burning Man is a better metaphor, with candy replacing hallucinogens, and decidedly less risque1, umm… costumes.

Anyway, just like that festival in the desert, Halloween comes to a climax on the final day with the Annual Kids Halloween Parade, aka candy orgy, down Vernon Boulevard.  Things will be a little different this year, mainly because it’s on a Saturday and due to the increasing number of participants.  So here’s the details, straight from the Grand Halloween Poobah herself, Sheila Lewandowski: Continue reading

  1. and creative []


Or you can go nowhere

Or you can go nowhere

This time of year, as the weather turns nice, the playgrounds and parks of Long Island City suddenly repopulate with the noise of children big and small.  Fortunately, unlike many other neighborhoods in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, these kids also have a bounty of nearby outdoor spaces from which to choose.  In addition, the topography of LIC lends itself to a unique environment not seen in many other areas of this city, its suburbs, or frankly anywhere in the country.  We’ve called it a giant cul-de-sac, and I’ve heard others refer to it somewhat disparagingly as cloistered.

These two characteristics, the abundant outdoor choices and the tight-knit community, in tandem with the density provided by vertical living, make LIC the perfect laboratory for Continue reading


Winter will be here soon, what to do with the kids?

Winter will be here soon, where will the kids play?

As we all know, Long Island City is a great place to live.  Yet due to its nascency, there are several crucial resources that have yet to emerge.  One of these is a locally-based youth sports program for kids over five years old.  So I have decided to form one.  It will have a very modest start this winter with a Continue reading


If school doesn't work out, you can always drive a cab in this town

If this school thing doesn’t work out, at least your kids can always get a job in the neighborhood

Two weeks ago, a list of the best public school districts in the U.S. was published.  Normally I don’t put much faith in these subjective top-10′s, but when I saw who was ranked #1, I knew they got it right.  No, it wasn’t LIC/PS78, …yet, but we’ll get to that.  Instead, it was Edgemont, a small school district in southern Westchester.  As it turns out, the Editor of this rag grew up in Edgemont.

While a lot of people may focus on academics as the reason for its top ranking, I can tell you as an insider and as anyone who grew up in Edgemont will confirm, this is just one piece of the winning formula.  Now I’d be the first to say that I had some outstanding teachers, whose influence is still imbedded in me today.  But there were also a handful of clunkers, just like in any great school district.

Setting academics aside (for the time being let’s just call it the fixed variable.  Though some may view it as immovable), there are two other equally important pieces of the puzzle: Continue reading


Future home of new Hunters Point Rec Center

Future home of new Hunters Point Rec Center, and current home of the Hard Hat Cafe

This is all a dream we dreamed one afternoon long ago. 

A new recreation center is coming to Hunters Point, and will be lodged at the base of Hunters Point South (HPS) Phase 2. The 44,000-square-foot space will offer tons of amenities: two pools, including a lap pool and a rec pool with a large slide and water features, a large gymnasium for basketball, volleyball, and indoor sports clinics, a wellness center with cardiovascular and strength training equipment, large group Continue reading


The World Cup comes to LIC

The World Cup comes to LIC

Or is it lead?  I don’t know, what do you think this is, a newspaper?  Well whatever you want to call LICtalk, as everyone in the city knows there are two news sources of record in this city: us and The New York Times.  While I must admit that they are a formidable competitor, sometimes it’s necessary to share the spotlight, especially on a controversial topic where the narrative is seemingly aligned.  Anyway, yesterday The Times published an article entitled “Affordable Housing That’s Very Costly.”  This came five days after my story about the fairness of Hunters Point South being set aside as affordable housing.  While both of us questioned the use of ultra-luxury apartments for subsidized shelter, probably the biggest difference in the two tales was Continue reading


Leaving town

Leaving town for the weekend

And I’m outta here, but here’s a couple of notes that might be of interest if you’re sticking around for the weekend, and I’ll even throw in a rumor. Continue reading


No library, but lots of eggs

No library, but lots of eggs

We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout,
We’ve been talkin’ ’bout Jackson, ever since the fire went out.
I’m goin’ to Jackson, I’m gonna mess around,
Yeah, I’m goin’ to Jackson,
Look out Jackson town.

How’s that for a twisted pairing?  Eggs for the kids, beer for the ‘rents, sounds good to me.  We’ve documented the explosion of the Queens beer scene over the last 24 months, but who knew there was a burgeoning Easter Egg Hunt frenzy in LIC? Continue reading


Varieties ok, but no gifts please.

Varieties ok, but no gifts please.

On January 1, 1994, China devalued its currency by 50% in a single day, and since then has experienced a manufacturing boom …in modern times there never has been free trade with China; the US has already been in a trade war for nearly two decades; and it is the only time in this nation’s history it surrendered without ever firing a shot.  The United States lost six million jobs, indebted itself to China by $1.4 trillion, and received in return a host of consumer goods, many of which now reside in landfills across the country.  -Paul Tudor Jones

Now that the year is about to turn, the parents of LIC will be starting a whole new round of birthdays for their kids.  In return for cake, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, and meet n’ greets with Eli Manning and Beyonce; young guests (or their custodians/handmaidens) are expected to bring a gift for the birthday child.  While this is a time-honored tradition, I couldn’t help but wonder, having witnessed this orgiastic display firsthand(as a journalist), if maybe it hasn’t become a bit of an anachronism in the 21st century?  Continue reading


The Fall Classic?  Summer's but a distant memory.

The Fall Classic? Summer’s but a distant memory.

Okay folks, it’s take two for the best weekend in New York.  Twelve months prior, we were so rudely interrupted by Sandy, but this year it’s all systems go.  Here’s my piece from last year, explaining exactly why it’s the best weekend to be a New Yorker.  Re-read it, commit it to memory, then live it.  That’s all.

The second most famous Halloween Parade in NYC takes place right here in LIC.  It features the next generation of A-Rod’s, Madoff’s, and Miley Cyrus’.  It starts at 4:45pm at Gantry Park on October 31st.  Don’t forget your cameras, this is history in the making.

Oh, and if you want to read something really scary, check out all the real estate links below.

47th Road Projectjust west of Vernon Blvd.  Check out the diagrams and simulated facade from local architect Robert Wilkanowski.

Real Estate Developers Are Excited About Queens – developers also thought that Queens was poised to see the most residential growth.

Hunters Point South’s First Affordable Towers Are Risingthe latest pics, from Curbed

Renovated LIC Row House to Feature Storm-Resistant Featureswhich practically guarantees we won’t have another Sandy for a century.

Final Bids for Court Square Development Requestedasking $23.5 million, paid $10 mil two years ago

Judge Grants Artists Injunction to Block Demolition of 5Pointzwhat did Yogi say about it being over?

Bikers to Get Dedicated Lane on Pulaski Bridgethe foot and bike traffic has gotten so big, it’s needed

Suspect Punches Woman in Face and Tries to Rob Her in LIChappened on 44th Drive

LIC-based Skyline Restoration Among Crain’s 50 Fastest Growing NYC Companies




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