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The Queens Gazette is reporting that the owners of a parcel at Continue reading

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Hanging out at Astoria Seafood …in LIC


Two days of public school and then a long weekend1 – I like those hours!  But then no more breaks until October when every child will have to make do with only a pair of three-day workweeks.  Forget about daycare, these kids should be getting an internship.

//In the real world, my guess is most of you never made it to one of MoMA PS1′s Saturday Warm-Up parties this summer.  Me too, because it’s so convenient I kept saying ‘No problem, I’ll just go next week,’ and then Labor Day arrived.  Unfortunately in doing so we all missed out on a performance by a guy The New York Times says has blown up big and is saving hip-hop.  Let that gall you through the long winter months, and remember to make it a point to go next year.

//Of greater permanence, I was tipped off from someone in attendance at last nights CB2 meeting that Continue reading

  1. this Monday, Sept. 12  kids are off for Eid al Adha []
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Hittin' the road

Hittin’ the road

I got to get away
Feel I got to get away
Oh oh oh yeah

Marbella, Mykonos, Nantucket, Newport, or even Atlantic City, the place to be is anywhere but roasting in LIC.  Sure there’s still news happening locally, but Continue reading

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Surf n Turf

The new look of the Crabhouse Long Island City

Ali is gone, and so is the boxing memorabilia

Ali is gone, and so is the boxing memorabilia

Surf n Turf

Surf n Turf

In case you were wondering what all the smoke was coming from the northeast last night, it was a 5-alarm fire at a workshop on Queens Boulevard near the Sunnyside border which began around 7:30pm and quickly ravaged the building.  Over two hundred fire fighters were called to the conflagration, and two were seriously injured.

In case you were wondering about the police cars on the wooden promenade in Gantry Park yesterday, and the police tape cordoning off the platforms where the red chairs are, according to a post on a local Facebook site, a rape/attack allegedly occurred there Monday night around 10pm.  So far there has only been one witness who was the Facebook poster, and the victim has yet to come forward.  We tweeted out the actual post and the news of the police investigation on Tuesday, but unlike the fire above, there is nothing very tangible.  One LICtalk reader has suggested that it would be very helpful if a police sketch based on the witness’ description were circulated.


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The Kids Are Alright

The Kids Are Alright


‘We’re on one side of the river and the millionaires are on the other, but we have the better view.’ Elizabeth McQueen, Queensbridge

Stories about Queensbridge are infrequent here on LICtalk, and positive stories about it are practically nil.  This weekend though, The New York Times wrote a very inspirational profile on Elizabeth McQueen, a former resident of the houses who spent many years nudging politicians and parks employees to refurbish and re-buttress the long-closed esplanade in Queensbridge Park.  Though she passed away in February at the age of 83, she was able to witness her accomplishment with the re-opening of the esplanade in 2014.  In light of all that she did to make it happen, this week it was officially declared “Elizabeth McQueen Way” by the city.

Now I can’t say that you’ll have anything named after you, but Continue reading

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Old Bloomingdale's, new Bloomingdale's.  Old project, new project?

Old Bloomingdale’s, new Bloomingdale’s. Old housing project, new housing project?

Thanks to an intervention by family and friends, I am no longer addicted to Pokemon Go, and back at my desk to faithfully report to you.  On day two of my sobriety, I am happy to announce that it appears we haven’t missed much news-wise.

Oh wait, it seems there was a coup in Turkey, a horrific attack in Nice, and a new vice president in-waiting.  Wow, my former dependency induced a complete blackout of the real world!  Anyway, the best we could muster locally Continue reading


'Transformation' courtesy of Dan the Man

‘Transformation’ courtesy of Dan the Man

There’s nothing more underwhelming than cellphone pictures of fireworks.  Except cellphone video of fireworks.  Instead, it’s the out of body experience of being in LIC during the lockdown period in the morning and early afternoon of the Fourth, followed by the massive invasion of outsiders – and the actual people themselves coming to attend the Macy’s fireworks shows, who transform our everyday locales into packed staging grounds.

Excluding a half-hour of moderate rainfall prior to the fireworks, this year’s show Continue reading

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Let the wild rumpus start!

Let the wild rumpus start!

As everyone in Long Island City knows, July 4th weekend officially begins with the delivery of Porta Potties to Gantry Park – because how can you have fireworks without Porta Potties?   They have arrived, so everyone but The Editor is now free to leave work.

Not that it’s really kept many from already departing, as LIC began getting quiet yesterday.  A trend that will continue throughout the weekend until it becomes downright eerie and Scooby-Doo-ville by Monday morning as all the cars are removed from the streets.

Then a crescendo begins to build in the afternoon, reaching its climax at 9pm July 4th evening.  If you want an idea of exactly what to expect on that day, here is last years coverage and pics.

//New Ice Cream Shop on Vernon is called ‘Something Sweet’ and will open Continue reading

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Running the gauntlet

Running the gauntlet

There’s something nothing happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear

In July of last year, we received an email from a reader named Andy G. complaining about the impeded sidewalk caused by the development of 49-18 Vernon Boulevard, and the lack of progress at the site.  This address is more popularly recognized as the corner lot across from the subway exit/PJ Leahy’s that must be navigated en route to home after work is finished.

A year later not much has changed.  Thus Continue reading

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The LIC Jungle (Courtesy of Nick Knight)

You gotta be scrappy in the jungle (Photo courtesy of Nick Knight)

“Fact: In New York City, if you want tips for the best bars, restaurants, and venues, or insider scoop on just about anything, it’s best to ask a local. And the same goes for how we take our news. In addition to the New York Times and other local papers, for many New Yorkers, our neighborhood blogs are an essential part of our daily information diet.

Given this, it’s become a yearly tradition here at Brick to shine a light on the best on-the-ground local news outlets in the city (check out our 2015 and 2014 versions here), a mix of longtime neighborhood stalwarts and scrappy new upstarts. Bookmark them, and you’ll always be the first to know what’s happening in your neighborhood.

Virginia Smith, Brick Underground

Yes, Virginia, we could not have said it any better – and wholeheartedly agree.  There is no better place in Long Island City to get the real insight than LICtalk.  We live here, we care, and we understand what’s important …and what’s not.  Because it’s not just Continue reading

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