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Time to crank it up to 11

Time to crank it up to 11

Tomorrow at 12:15pm the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament begins and will basically continue with multiple games throughout the weekend.

Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day.

Those two events happening concurrently Continue reading



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The battle for increased school capacity has been waged by parents for several years now, many of whom won’t be the beneficiaries of the new schools.  Though most ultimately were unscathed by the controversy, inasmuch as their child eventually received a seat in PS78, the uncertainty was unsettling, and may have motivated others to move out or not move to LIC in the first place.  Also, in the question-mark that is truncation, it was a factor in prompting some recent middle school parents to opt for the new middle school instead of sticking it out at 78.

In viewing the current situation, I can’t help but think that for every action there is at first a delayed response, and then inevitably an overreaction.  Since it’s been primarily parents along the waterfront who have been demanding schools now, that is where the schools have been going.  Yet any chess player can see that the next big need is closer to Court Square.  The powers that be completely screwed up in not insisting a school be placed in the base of 5Pointz.  In addition to being extremely well-situated to accommodate children from all parts of LIC, it would have been available in time for the school year beginning in 2018.  Instead the community received baubles in return for granting the developers a zoning variance allowing them to build an additional 28 stories.

The words above were written here in LICtalk almost two years ago.  They are especially prescient given the specifics surrounding the current battle for seating capacity/location in local elementary schools. Continue reading

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Coach Ken on the right, doing what he loves

Coach Ken on the right, doing what he loves

Sometimes I write stories that I know are more derivative of LIC than the usual drivel I scratch out. That’s my prerogative and this is one of those stories.  In researching it I learned a lot more than the original subject matter.

Distance-wise, Long Island City High School is about as far as one can be from the location of the average LICtalk reader and still technically be in Long Island City.  From a socio-economic perspective, that span is equally large.

Nevertheless the actual distance is only 1.8 miles as the crow flies.  Likewise, the dreams of the kids who attend that high school are not too dissimilar from those of our own kids. Continue reading

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The Battle of 48th Avenue!

The Battle of 48th Avenue!

This Saturday and Sunday from 9am until noon the 1st Annual LIC Hoops Basketball Tournament for kids and adults will take place at the Gantry Plaza State Park courts on 48th Avenue.  The adults bracket on Saturday is completely sold out, but there are slots left for the kids tournament on Sunday.  It is free and open to boys and girls, but parents must pre-register their children and submit signed waivers.

Now, while the odds that your child will ever make it to the NBA Finals are beyond minuscule, there’s a 50/50 chance that Continue reading

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Who needs democracy when you have Bierocracy?

Who needs democracy when you have Bierocracy?

OH my, even with no snow there’s been a flurry of local news that’s come to pass in the last week.  To start, as always, is more residential real estate development.  There are five short articles on local slightly-off-the-radar projects – which basically means they’re under 30-stories:

6 flrs/94 units in Dutch Kills

A pair of 7-story buildings totaling 80 units in Dutch Kills

9 flrs/30 units in Queensboro Plaza

23 flrs/117 units in Queens Plaza South

15 flrs/99 units in Queensboro Plaza

While the total # of units of these five projects are fewer than say a single Rockrose tower, and while most of these projects are already accounted for in previous tallies of all the residences being added in LIC, these “infill” developments will hasten the lowering of rents in the neighborhood.  This is not solely because of the additional supply, which we’ve noted is not much in aggregate, but because of the diversity of offerings and the competitive market they’ll create – versus say the three-player oligopoly on Center Boulevard.  But who am I, the owner of a lean-to, to question the rationale of those with the ability to borrow 7-9 figure sums of OPM with zero recourse?

//UNLIKE the majority of Americans, or at least an electoral majority of them, I’m not a big fan of Mac & Cheese.  Despite attempts by many a renowned chef to doctor it up and pass it off as haute cuisine in the 21st century, my continental upbringing (aka semester abroad) inculcated me with DNA that has an aversion to pasta not served al dente, and dairy products whose Continue reading

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Former LIC resident Anthony Lynn has been named the new head coach of the NFL’s Chargers. The team, which also announced that it is moving to Los Angeles next year after being in San Diego for 56 years, endured a 5-11 record this past season.  We interviewed Anthony a little over three years ago, when he was the running backs coach for the NY Jets under Rex Ryan.  He shared his thoughts on Continue reading

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The next LeBron is incubating here

The next LeBron is incubating here

VERY slowly LIC is adding local services that are standard in more established communities, be they suburban or other parts of NYC (or Queens for that matter).  Today we will share two of them with you. Continue reading

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Keep on running, it's almost over

Keep on running, it’s almost over

“Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.”

Jerry Garcia on why he doesn’t (didn’t) vote

THE NYC Marathon has come and gone and now it’s dark out when we leave work.  That means it’s time for middle school basketball!  What, you didn’t know there was a conveniently-located hoops program available for boys and girls in grades 6-8 in LIC in the winter?  That’s because heretofore there wasn’t, but starting next week (November 15) there will be.

It’s sponsored by the Long Island City Youth Sports League ( and will be held at the Hunters Point Community Middle School Gym ((aka Academy for Careers in Television & Film, 1-50 51st Avenue)) on Center Boulevard on Tuesday nights from 7 – 8:30pm through April 4.

The cost is only $135 per child, but do not delay because there are a limited number of slots.  For more info please go to or email [email protected]

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I got next!

I got next!

The basketball courts on 48th Avenue at Gantry Plaza State Park will be re-opening this Saturday, September 17, with a Grand Celebration.  The NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historical Preservation and the Long Island City Youth Sports League (LICYSL) will be holding youth clinics and games overseen by Coach N, aka Nnamdi Amen, who said about the event:

“Though I love my home at the gymnasium at PS78Q, I’m really excited to finally get a chance to teach and play with the kids of Long Island City on the beautiful new 48th Avenue courts at Gantry Plaza State Park.  I’ve got some new drills and games especially for the occasion.”

LICtalk says: “We love the new fiberglass backboards, it does wonders for my two-handed set shot”

For more information on this event and to join the fun click here, or email [email protected]

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Photographed by Nick Knight circa 2003

Photographed by Nick Knight circa 2003

Will it, won’t it, snow that is.  That’s the big story here in LIC at this moment.  Will we, won’t we, get a new school?  That’s a big story here in LIC for the long term, but two educators from other parts are looking to possibly change that, or at least accelerate it. Continue reading

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