It's all about the kids, right

It’s all about the kids anyway, right?

THE large retail space in Hunters Point South Crossing has been rented by a “local daycare operator” according to a notice sent to residents of the building today. The notice projects completion in the second half of 2018. Sitting across 2nd Street from the Crabhouse in the southern-most tower on Center Boulevard, the high-ceilinged location seemingly held out more promise for an exciting tenant, especially since it had been vacant for so long.  Oh well it’s all about the kids anyway, right?

//FORGET about bitcoin, condos in LIC are hot,  At least if the track record of sales at The Harrison in Court Square are a proxy.  There are only 14 units left of the original 120 put on the block less than a year ago.  Proving that location and good taste – it’s one of the few non cookie-cutter condo offerings in the ‘hood – are still in demand at the end of 2017.

Hunters Point Library Expected to Open in early 2019 After Yet Another Delaywe hinted at further delays in October, but not in our worst timeline did we think this!  Lots of fingerpointing, no answers

Ex-LIC Principal Says Former Boyfriend & School Leaders Spread Her Nude Pics to Ruin Her Careerthis is a v scary story and it really seems like this woman got railroaded

Countdown Clocks Installed in Court Square StationVernon/Jackson too!

LIC Leaders Want LIC Strip Club Shutteredoh the travails of the Show Palace follies

Manhattan Penthouse Overlooking LIC & With Outdoor Pool Chops 10% Off Price - but is still way more than 10x more expensive than the most expensive apartment for sale in LIC


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