Big changes coming to the LIC skyline

Even I would be stretched to make up the big LIC news today.  The headline says it all, and there’s a whole lot more.

Before we dive right into it, a few other interesting notes.  Tonight is the public hearing on the proposed 5Pointz development, 7pm at MoMA PS1.  Tomorrow night Food Cellar is holding another Vendor Party from 7-10pm.  This is basically an occasion where Food Cellar’s vendors give out samples of their food and beer.  Kinda like Smorgasburg, sans hipsters and it’s free, kinda.

Finally, a little environmental tip:  Do not put plastic bags into recycling bins for general plastic.  Plastic bags are the bane of recycling programs. When carelessly placed into recycling bins for general plastic — which they often are — the bags jam and damage expensive sorting machines, which cost huge amounts to repair.  Who says LICtalk is just a heartless, vapid, profit-focused media conglomerate?  Who?

Charter School Plans For LIC Fought By Education Leadersthere was a local meeting last night for charter school Success Academy, which might try to bring its act to LIC in the next year or two.

New Rockrose Building to Be Tallest Residential Building in Queensthe Citigroup tower will soon have a girlfriend, well it’ll have to hold out for 3 years(ouch), but it’ll forever change the LIC skyline

Van Bramer Helps Bust Local BusinessmanThe Cliffs LIC’s owner implicated in bribery charge.  Hmm, kinda seems a little grey to me, kinda.

Newest TF Cornerstone Tower Ready to Rip With New Amenities Galorewhat comes after trilogy?  Well anyway, the third of TF Cornerstone’s four Center Boulevard buildings is now filling up.  As for amenities, in 2013 I kinda feel it should include the word “aromatherapy”, kinda.  Oh and “green” too, yeah, that word also makes me kinda touchy-feely and wanna buy(or rent) things, kinda.  Not to mention it garners great tax breaks, and I’m not talking “kinda.”

Gastropub To Move Into Lounge 47on Vernon Boulevard.  Wow, we may have to rename Vernon “PubCrawl” Boulevard.

Artists Howl As Developer Moves to Tear Down 5Pointza rehash of numerous other stories about 5ptz recently.  If you really wanna be in the know, go to the meeting tonite.

Mets Players Move Into LIC Luxury Buildingsa little late on this story guys

Long Island City Open Studio Weekenda recap of the LIC Arts Open and profiles of numerous local artists who work/live there


  1. Robert Wilkanowski says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the comment about plastic bags for recycling. You have raised a sore subject: This has been an issue that my wife and I have argued over for years. Her position: why pay for garbage bags when you can use the free ones from the grocery store (let alone the fact that they don’t really fit on a standard size garbage pail, which drives me nuts)? Literally, I bring feel-good re-usable grocery bag to Food cellar, and she goes out next time and asks for extra bags to use for garbage!!! What the….!

    My position: use biodegradable ones b/c that’s the right ting to do. However they are both plastic, and b/c we have a trash shoot in our building (Citylights) the smaller free ones fit perfectly.

    My question: what are the right garbage bags (size and environmentally responsible) garbage to use in a building with or w/o a trash shoot? It would be helpful to add that to your post.

    Robert Wilkanowski [email protected]

  2. calpio says:

    Sign me up!! I’d live to have some back office Citi drones staring into my living room all night!

  3. St. Stephen says:

    Gee, another bar serving draft beer on the west side of Vernon within a three-block radius. Do we really need it?

    Unequivocally yes, too much of everything is just enough!

  4. Me says:

    I don’t know what’s needed less in this neighborhood, another bar on Vernon or another luxury high rise.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know what transpired at the Charter School meeting and what hurdles need to be met?

    • Anon? says:

      Also in regards to a charter school coming to LIC, what would the ramifications be for the current public school here(PS78)?

      • Answer says:

        I think the charter school gets funding from the school district, and they also allocate space to them.

  6. Mikey from Queens says:

    That Mets story sure is late. They’re already ten games out of first.

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