Mm-mm, all the treats I need

Mm-mm, all the treats I need

Here in our giant cul-de-sac, Oktoberfest ends and we immediately start gearing up for the next celebration.  For some reason, Halloween in LIC has taken on a 12-Days-of-Christmas mode and gets celebrated repeatedly.  Or maybe Burning Man is a better metaphor, with candy replacing hallucinogens, and decidedly less risque1, umm… costumes.

Anyway, just like that festival in the desert, Halloween comes to a climax on the final day with the Annual Kids Halloween Parade, aka candy orgy, down Vernon Boulevard.  Things will be a little different this year, mainly because it’s on a Saturday and due to the increasing number of participants.  So here’s the details, straight from the Grand Halloween Poobah herself, Sheila Lewandowski:

We are streamlining the route, adding some fabulous activities and will have something special moment at the launch.

Details: Saturday, October 31 join Parade Marshall Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer, NYS Senator Mike Gianaris & Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan for a fun filled day!

1:30pm      –     108th Precinct – the area in front of the precinct will be cleared of vehicles to allow for the large crowd to gather & prep for the parade straight down Vernon Boulevard; There will be music and a special dance led by LIC/YMCA

2:00pm    –     The parade marches straight down Vernon Boulevard to 46th Road – where Trick-or-Treating Totes with a special prize for every child will be distributed! And, we will be taking photos for costume contests (winners will be announced and receive great prizes by November 15)

Activities and Trick-or-Treating throughout the neighborhood ensues after the parade ends! 

And once we get the treats out of the way, we get a trick: the 7-train will be shut down for two weekends in November: the 6th & 13th


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