Will you be my centerfold?

Will you be my centerfold?

Nothing drives website traffic better than sex and nudity.  I was compelled to rip a headline from Murdoch because there really isn’t much news since my last update.  So I could use a little help.  Do you have an interesting story you would like to pursue?  Write it up and send it in to  It can’t just be any nonsense like a plug for your weight-loss-product/get-rich scheme or Emily Litella ‘Violins-on-TV’ type rant.1  I mean we do have standards here, don’t we?  For those of you new to the site, below are a few classic pieces for you to emulate.  Or you could just send me naked pics.

My Ode to the Corner Bistro

Let’s Talk About Rents

Cheap Pints Here!

Oh, and did you know that LICtalk is on twitter?  Follow us now on @lictalk to get our headline updates and news flashes such as “Orgy tonight in Apt. 666 at TF Avalon East.”

And now for the snews:

Children and Public Figures Rally to Add Stop Signs by LIC Public SchoolShocking!  Read the story, then watch the 2-min video. 

Bank Robber Steals $4,000 from Local LIC BankScary!

Miami Wants To Be More Like LICSurprising!  Miami editorial writer uses LIC as an example of what can be done on the waterfront.

Dozens of Local Restaurants to Serve Up Eats in Annual LIC Foodie FestStuffing!  Taste of LIC is tomorrow night.

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