Van Gogh too, wasn't recognized until after he was gone.

Van Gogh too, wasn’t recognized until after he was gone.

“Better late than never” does not apply to the huge wave of publicity regarding 5Pointz in the last three days.  All of a sudden the mainstream press has caught on to the magnitude of this story, and is now covering every detail of the follow-up to Tuesday’s whitewashing.  Too late folks, the game is over.  We could have used your eloquent eulogies before the judgments were handed down.

As for those of us in LIC, most people are resigned to, or indifferent towards, the fact that gentrification marches on.  Speaking of, a pop-up ramen shop has opened in Hunters Point.  Hooray, there is a silver lining.

Mu Ramen – will open Wednesday, Nov. 20 at 6 p.m. at Bricktown Bagels, 51-06 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City. Hours of operation this week will be Wednesday through Saturday 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., and will be Tuesday through Saturday beginning next week and after, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Remembering 5Pointz: A Five-Story Building That Told Plenty Moreone of many eulogies, as delivered by NPR

Graffiti Whitewash Could Cost Owners Some Green - now every angle in the story gets parsed

Police Arrest Make Point: No More Painting on 5Pointzthe newest crime-free zone in NYC

LIC Eatery Serves Bagels By Day, Ramen By Nightnext thing you, we’ll get Kosher Japanese

To Enjoy the Oddest Steakhouse in NY, You Need to Open Your Mindthe first M Wells review is in: “the steak was delicious — that’s the bottom line here”

Shady Park Gets New Treeswhat were they waiting for, the ground to harden?

Jackson Ave and Its Namesakecool article about who Jackson Ave was named after.  Spoiler: the same dude as Jackson Heights.  Still don’t know?  Ehh, no surprise, LIC was farms when he lived here.

LIC Burglaries Suspect Sought - five home break-ins in the last month

Not Exactly Your Typical Queens Marketplaceall about the newly opened Queens Urban Mkt

14-Story Hotel Proposed in LICit would probably be quicker to write about those lots not being used for this purpose

The 10 Best Fireplace Bars In NYC2 out of the 10 are in LIC

MTA To Offer Holiday Nostalgia Trainsrunning out of Queens Plaza next month


  1. Anonymous says:

    Mu Ramen is great. I hope it becomes a permanent establishment in our neighborhood.

  2. […] Nothing embodies that fact better than the headlines about LIC this week that we link to below.  To start with, a new culinary star has been anointed by The New York Times, and it’s right here in Long Island City.  Mu Ramen was given the number one slot in their top-10 list of Ramen restaurants.  Though the grey lady’s existence dwarfs that of LICtalk’s, we were the first to break the story of Mu Ramen’s arrival in our headline “Ramen Fever Comes to LIC.” […]

  3. […] year and four days ago, LICtalk declared that Ramen Fever Had Come to LIC.  It was a prescient headline from a haughty but highly-respected rag, and today it has come full […]

  4. […] becomes the latest dining craze – you remember what happened after we broke the story about Mu Ramen coming to Long Island City?  Yet never forget where you heard it first, even if on LICtalk the eggs came before the […]

  5. […] The Smooklers are expanding their culinary empire by taking over the former Alobar space and renaming it Ravenswood Tavern according to Eater.  The menu will have more in common with the prior occupant than Mu Ramen, with chef Joshua Smookler creating his version of comfort foods.  Expect it to be more like a 21st century steakhouse with a special focus on big-ticket meat items like rack-of-lamb and bone-in-ribeye for two.  Plus he will be making pastas in house.  A late-fall opening is the early line.  Who can believe it was less than four years ago that Mu Ramen was just a twinkle in the LIC eye? […]

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