01 Pepsi Demolition

It won’t be too long before people refer to Manhattan as the “old neighborhood,” and visit it nostalgically like Italians to Bensonhurst and Jews to the Lower East Side1.  Like both those ethnic enclaves, the people, shops, and character of yore are being supplanted.  This has been going on all across our city, and cities everywhere, for the last century.  Unfortunately when it comes to Manhattan, there’s no real desire to go back for nostalgia tours.

Oh well, for a limited few who were here for it and for those just curious about LIC’s past, we’ll be featuring photos of the former Pepsi plant on the East River taken by local photographer and artist Nick Knight2.  It was demolished in order to make way for TF Cornerstone’s development of towers with jaw-dropping views of the Manhattan skyline.  While that city is great to look at from a distance, when it comes time to going out, these days I’d rather head up to Astoria.

Streetcar Line May Be Coming to NW Queensmay be = maybe

Gondolas Could Ease New York’s Looming Subway Nightmarejust like plays, this one’s a revival of an ‘out-there’ idea put forth 16 months ago.  Goes in the ‘maybe’ column too

Big New Retail Site Across from MoMA PS1 Now Available to Leasein 175-unit rental building on Jackson

New Restaurant Coming to 47th Rd: ‘The Green Street’will serve “organic and all-natural dishes” au naturel according to the LIC Post.  No, no, I just made that last part up!

Queens Museum Spooktacular Next Saturdaytheir annual Halloween-in-January event for kids on Jan. 23

Uprising Promotions Adds to January 29th Rosterfisticuffs and curry, boxing comes to 5-Star Diner

  1. yeah, yeah, I know the LES is Manhattan []
  2. for a reference point, the photos were taken from Nick’s old home in the Corrieri Refuse Building on 5th Street, adjacent to and just north of the 5SL condo building.  Oh what changes since then []

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