Nice and tranquil here, one last look at summer.

Nice and peaceful here, one last look at summer.

As the Vernon/Jackson subway platform gets more crowded with each passing day, the question arises “At what point will it be too much?”  City planners seem to be asking that obvious question too, but without any viable solutions.  In fairness, they are constrained by the Steinway Tunnel, the tunnel by which the 7-train goes under the East River to and from Manhattan.  No revelation there.

So they come up with alternatives that one would expect of people who are paid to come up with these long-term planning ideas and have no real options.  Simplistic proposals such as finding a way to have  more people who live in LIC work in LIC, by say creating a tech hub.  Or the usual talk about more ferry service and stops, which is a cool way to get to Smorgasburg, but an extremely inefficient method of accessing 97% of Manhattan on a day-to-day basis.  Eventually trams, transporters, personal jetpacks, and other futuristic schemes like additional bus service (haha) get tossed into the mix.

Who knows what they left on the drawing board: a campaign to have 7-train riders lose weight so more can squeeze into a subway car; or maybe even, gasp, not allowing fat people on during rush hour?  Eliminating seats?  Ok, but those in Flushing may not be so happy.

None of these are really practicable, but it buys the city and developers time to keep the growth train rolling.

And then one day you find, ten years have got behind…

City Planners Develop Transit Plan to Cope with LIC Building Boomthe Department of City Planning has been examining western Queens’ current and future transportation needs as population in the area continues to grow and new developments are envisioned

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Transformed Factories Prosper in LIC’s Development Boom62 small companies in an old building in Dutch Kills, and all facing rent increases

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A footbridge from HPS to Manhattan similar to the one linking the UES with Randal’s Island.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Get some of those Russian oligarchs moving to NYC to foot the bill for a new subway line.

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