The LICYSL completes it's 3rd Annual Basketball Program at PS78Q this Saturday

The LICYSL completes it’s 3rd Annual Basketball Program at PS78Q this Saturday

CONFESSION: I’ve never actually been to a MoMA PS1 Warm Up.  I’ve talked about it a lot, I’ve walked by MoMA PS1 while it’s been going on and noted the crowds, but for one feeble reason or another I have yet to actually enter the premises during showtime.  This year, in order to make up for past absences, I have decided to go whole hog and run the table by attending every session.  Best of all, in celebration of Warm Up’s 20th year, MoMA PS1 is making an offer I, and everyone else, can’t refuse: the “1998 ticket package,” which gets you all ten shows for only $981 – all that’s missing is a discounted beer flight for the season.  Anyway, while the line up has yet to be released, it is interesting to note from the article below, that the series has oodles of curators, as only a museum sponsored music show would.

//PAUL Simon walks into a non-profit art supply depot in Queens  …no, no punchline, instead he is moved to play a benefit concert for its behalf.  As it turns out, the depot is located in Long Island City, and that’s where the show will be held on April 5th.  Needless to say, it will be a very, very intimate performance, part solo and part with other musicians, and also pricey at $500 a pop.  You can purchase tickets here.

This was first reported by, and it’s a pretty good scoop, even if they neglected to mention the location of the concert (we contacted the non-profit directly to find out it would be onsite).  On the other hand, the same website also published this week what might be the most pitifully bland non-news story ever about Long Island City titled “Take A Look Inside This Million Dollar Apartment That’s For Sale in LIC“  Huh???  A Million Dollars?  Who’s the audience for that, Dr. Evil?  Worse than the title, here’s the lede “If you’re looking for a captivating apartment that will make you the envy of all of your friends, you have to see this one”  Of course you know what comes next, hyperbole about luxury features that are standard these days, and a cookie-cutter two bedroom with a small terrace but no view. The final insult comes when you get to the actual price, $1,225,000, because what’s a quarter mil when you’re paying for envy?

//ON the other hand, we get a tangible reminder from The Court Square Blog that despite the cold and snow, spring is still busting out all over LIC-style: with new buildings and projects.  In the past week, TCSB has noted three off-the-radar locations housing a new look recently, giving us a heads-up on what to expect when the weather gets nice and we get out and about.

//$$$$ – It’s Participatory Budgeting season, and of the 18 projects Santa Van Bramer has listed to vote on, only one is for LIC ex-housing projects.  That one is to build a shade canopy for the playground at Hunters Point Park.  Though it will cost $800K, the upside is it will be gratefully utilized by all the people in Western Queens.  Voting details are below, because Mexico is not going to pay for it.

MoMA PS1 Dates & Ticketing Info20 years of movin’ and groovin’

Paul Simon to Play Intimate Show in LIC to Support Non-Profitwind chimes Paul, wind chimes

Full Reveal Murray Park- the cover just came off this 6-story building along Murray Park South

The Decker on 44th Drive Tops Out and Puts Condos Up For Sale16 units around the corner from Key Foods

Demolition Complete on 45th Roada big hole on this quiet street in LIC’s historic district

Elks Lodge Almost Completely Dismantledprotests notwithstanding

Participatory Budgeting for Hunters Point Playground  – build that canopy, build that canopy!

Vayner Media Takes 43K Sq Ft in Blanchard Building on Borden Avefirst new tenant since upgrade, and still waiting for that beer hall Related promised

Tom Cat Bakery in LIC Threatens to Fire 30 Workers For Being Undocumentedapparently occurred after Department of Homeland Security audit.  Long time workers have 10 days to produce proof – how does the bakery even stay open w/o them???

Get a Taste of Korea – and Egypt – at Green Street LICthe VV likes what it sees, and eats

Both Uber and the Taxi Commission Have Driver Centers in LICmay we always be the hub for solo transport in NYC

Queens Pol Fuming That Troublesome Jiggle Joint Won’t Be Stripped of It’s Liquor License Just Yetsay no more

  1. actually, it used to be free for all LIC residents, which if it still is, makes this blurb irrelevant []


  1. Ro says:

    I thought LIC residents get in for free. Has that changed?

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