Fire In The Gantry =

There’s a dragon with matches that’s loose on the town
Takes a whole pail of water just to cool him down.

What passes for drama in Hunters Point occurred last Friday when a brush fire broke out near the deck of Gantry State Park.  There were no fatalities and absolutely no one was hurt, but in light of the lack of news coverage, was there a cover up?  Probably not.  Yet if there was, we here at LICtalk would be all over it because we don’t just give you links to others stories, we have a team of reporters and photographers on the front lines ready to deliver timely, hard-hitting news and photos.  Ok, maybe not a team, but I do have multiple personalities …and a niece who took a photography class last year.  These stories are not just the typical community fare, such as cherubs hunting eggs, but answers to deeper questions like “I wonder what that bright star in the early evening western sky, appearing over Manhattan is?”  Well, first of all it is not a star, it’s a planet, Venus to be exact, and appearing right next to it and a little less bright but still quite obvious, has been Saturn.  Most importantly, they have both been clearly visible and highly noticeable to the naked eye since the New Year.  Why is this most important?  Because if you lived in Manhattan you would not be able to see them!!!!!

In LIC related news I am taking a page from Murdoch and leading off with something titillating(Spoiler Alert: The teaser is really just a tease).  Actually it’s also probably the strongest article of the five with a very comprehensive review of what has gone on recently and will be coming shortly in LIC.  The last story I threw in as a confirmation of your excellent decision to live in Long Island City, brush fires not withstanding.  Finally, the next time you’re walking along the boardwalk of Gantry Park and you come along a big black burned out spot, I want you to think of one thing:!

A Far Cry From Its Past As A …Haven For Prostitution!

Roosevelt Island Tech Campus to Ultimately Be Two Million Square Feet …by 2037

Thinking Of Holding A Wedding In Gantry Park?  Here’s what it’ll cost you.

LIC Getting A BID – Business Improvement District

Manhattan Apartment Rents Approach Peak

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