Spring came early Sunday, and brought out a lot of potential patrons for Sugarcube

Spring came early to LIC Sunday “Hmm, maybe there are enough patrons for another cafe”

A new cafe called Sugarcube Patisserie has opened on 50th Avenue between Vernon Boulevard and Jackson Avenue.  It serves pastries, gelato made in house, petit-fours, and of course coffee.  The building housing it blasted out a previously non-existent storefront to create a retail space, as the demand and price for street level locations escalates higher.  Early reviews from a sprinkling of readers are very good, so take tomorrow off and join cafe society for a day.

//The owner of the Army/Navy store on Vernon has “narrowed the list to an ice cream and frozen yogurt operation, a craft beer shop, a wine and cheese store, and a Greek cafe and bakery” according to an interesting and lengthy interview in the TimesLedger.

Isn’t it amazing what passes for big news in LIC?  Meanwhile, Donald and Hillary…

Owner of LIC Storefront Swamped with Offers from Potential Tenants“So far I’ve only heard from Manhattan restaurants trying to get into the LIC market. I’m still entertaining offers for a few more weeks.”

Tishman Speyer Plans Massive LIC Office ProjectWeWork will anchor one of the buildings

National Outbreak of Dog Flu Virus Hits LIC – just put some ‘tussin on it!

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