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Late nights at The Mighty Taco have prepared me for el Corazon de Mexico

Late nights at The Mighty Taco have prepared me for el Corazon de Mexico

DO you remember the fajita?  It was an exotic do-it-yourself concoction served at Mexicanish restaurants in the 1990′s.  Back then it was all the rage and when accompanied by a pre-meal margarita or three, its sizzling arrival at the table had the effect of transporting the diner back to Spring Break in Cancun for a night …and the subsequent morning.

Then at the turn of the century, after a decades-long incubation in the Southwestern U.S., the burrito invaded the rest of the lower 48 and nearly wiped the fajita out, vanquishing it to the menus of American fast casual chains.  Finally in the last few years the lowly taco has emerged to take the culinary spotlight in this country, and not just in the Mexican food category.  I’m not talking about the old-fashioned hard-shell Ortega taco, but the soft nixtamalized tortilla’s offered at dining spots and food trucks throughout the five boroughs today.  Coming full circle The New York Times declared Mexico City it’s #1 place to go in 2016 stating “Certainly, there is no more exciting place to eat.”

So it should be no surprise that Hunters Point will add its fifth Mexican establishment when Corazon de Mexico opens at the end of May Continue reading

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