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Somewhere in there, will lie a book store

Somewhere in that sea of concrete, will lie a book store

“The books are to remind us what asses and fool we are. They’re Caeser’s praetorian guard, whispering as the parade roars down the avenue, “Remember, Caeser, thou art mortal.”

UPDATE: May 5, 11:30am – the NYT has just reported that “Book Culture, which has several Manhattan locations, has leased a 2,300-square-foot space at 26-09 Jackson” from Rockrose

Who says hard copy is dead? Not Rockrose.  Who says retail is dead?  Not Rockrose.  Today at a Queens real estate event held by Bisnow, Rockrose SVP Patricia Dunphy announced that the developer will be leasing space to a book store in Court Square.  While Patricia was coy as to which book store1, I’m going to make a few assumptions.  The first is that it will be located in The Hayden, their new mega-tower on Jackson Avenue.  Secondly it will open by the end of the year at the latest – because unlike a restaurant, the buildout should be fairly easy.

What other tidbits were shared at the Bisnow event? Continue reading

  1. eg. Barnes & Noble, independent – I think those are all the choices in 2017 []
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E & I Deli expansion, not quite ready for prime time

E & I Deli expansion, not quite ready for prime time

ROCKROSE has just launched leasing on the Hayden in Court Square.  Who/what/where is the Hayden?  It’s that just completed 50-story tower abutting dominating Jackson Avenue and 44th Drive1 across the street from the Citi building.

It’s 974 units are comprised of studio, 1-br, and 2-br apartments, which according to Curbed will range in price from Continue reading

  1. technically the address is 43-25 Hunter Street, and even though that is probably where the entrance is, it will still be known for its Jackson Ave presence []
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Whenever I see the words 'Casalino,' I'm briefly transported to a villa on the Amalfi coast.  When I see the building, I think 'Astoria.'

Whenever I see the words ‘Casalino,’ I’m briefly transported to a villa on the Amalfi coast. When I see the building, Astoria.

Though it’s been downsized from 80+ stories1 to 66 stories, the announcement today that “Court Square City View Tower”2 will be condos, as first reported on 6SqFt.com, is the culmination of Long Island City’s change.

Calling them Superluxury, may or may not be a stretch.  The amenities – Continue reading

  1. at 984 feet, it’s the equivalent of  80+ @ 11ft stories, even inclusive of tall amenity floors []
  2. Wow that’s a mouthful []
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Creating the Canyon of Heroes

Creating the Canyon of Heroes

“Since the 1920′s, city planners have dreamed of transforming Long Island City into a major urban center just five minutes by subway from midtown Manhattan on the Queens bank of the East River. In September, the City Planning Commission will vote on proposed zoning changes that would make the dream possible.”

BY “September,” we’re talking 1995, which was when the opening paragraph above was written in an article in The New York Times.  These zoning changes combined with additional ones made to Court Square/Queens Plaza in 2001, were the starting point of the march to what Long Island City is today.

Like many things, it took a little longer to play out, but the end results were also much, much bigger than anticipated.

In Hunters Point, the edict above led to Continue reading

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