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...and at night we get less light

…and at night we get less light

IN addition to all the other great things about living in LIC, include the ability to actually see the stars, planets, and moon.  Unlike Manhattan, there is considerably less ambient light in our immediate vicinity, which allows incandescent bodies in the sky to stand out.

Of course that advantage won’t matter much if you can’t see the sky in the first place.  Fortunately here in LIC the towers are not packed tightly in a grid, which combined with the river on the west side and low-rise zoning in the east, provide unobstructed views for many of those living in towers, as most here do.

Yet even if one doesn’t have a view of the heavens from their apartment, that lack of grid-packing/zoning restrictions combined with Gantry/Hunters Point Parks gives everyone an opportunity to view the night sky just by walking around.

Thanks to the clarity here, several planets are frequently visible to the naked eye.  Most notably Venus periodically shines brightly in the West over Manhattan early in the evening.

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