The soup ascends from the river

The soupy froth ascends from the river

A year and four days ago, LICtalk declared that Ramen Fever Had Come to LICIt was a prescient headline from a haughty but highly-respected rag, and today it has come full circle, as The New York Times gets to break the news of their restaurant opening, after ordaining them back in March as the best noodle joint in the city.  As implied in our 2013 headline, expect culinary craziness, long lines, and the hoi-polloi of Brooklyn and Manhattan to descend on, and “discover,” LIC.

Hey, did you see said NY Times Sunday?  On the front page of the real estate section1 was an article titled “Queens Ascendant,” all about how real estate in Queens has finally arrived.

Well, as readers of this blog know, the Times piece was more of a year end culmination of what transpired in 2014, than a beginning of the year roadmap with on-the-record predictions of what’s going to happen.  Of course who am I to talk, the Times piece recorded 200+ comments to my five.

In fairness, there’s still a lot of play in select areas of Queens, just not LIC.  So forget about local real estate for awhile and load up on turkey and football. The tree sellers have already staked their claim in the neighborhood, and Christmas will be here before you know it.

//Here’s the perfect event to get you into the holiday spirit: Handel’s “Messiah – Christmas Portion”, will take place at St. Mary’s on Vernon Boulevard (49th Avenue) on the evening of Sunday, December 7 at 5pm.  It is open to all and is free.

Also we have two annual holiday lighting ceremonies on Vernon Blvd.  Why two?  Sky’s blue.  The first is December 3, 6pm on 50th and Vernon, the second is December 4, 5pm at LIC Bar.

Mu Ramen Headlines Restaurant Openings – “The menu from the husband-and-wife team offers tebasaki gyoza (fried chicken wings stuffed with brioche and foie gras) and four or so ramen bowls”

Affordable and Reliable, Queens Real Estate Ascends – “Long the Toyota Corolla of NYC real estate, Queens is finally getting some respect.”

Vornado Buying Center Building for $142 Millionthe seller paid $84 mil in late 2012 – like I said, we’ve already ascended


  1. and top billing of the whole paper online Saturday []


  1. Sock it to me says:

    Perfect timing for ramen, I’ll be plenty sick of turkey and stuffing by then.

  2. Amadeo Plaza says:

    My wife and I are the lead images in the NYTimes article! Now we kinda got mentioned here! I feel even more famous now. Haha.

  3. Stu says:

    Ramen? I had to eat it every day in college and frequently had trouble scraping together the 40 cents to buy a packet. Give me a steak!

  4. Mike says:

    Could not have said it better myself Stu
    Ramen? lol

  5. Anonymous Bosch says:

    Mu Mu, Yum Yum

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