Have we hit critical mass?

Have we hit critical mass?

Back in reality land, the MTA released citywide subway ridership data this week, and it reveals that average weekday ridership at the Vernon/Jackson stop is up 57% between 2007 and 2013.  According to The New York World, this occurred during a period that the system’s ridership as a whole grew by 9%.  Putting the Vernon/Jackson percentages into numbers, it went from 8,000 daily riders to 12,600 during the period.

This should come as little surprise to those who have lived here since 2007, or even 2010 or 2012.  New towers equals big increases.  More interesting to readers, would be an updated figure through the 1st quarter of 2015.  Also what the growth has been on the 7-train as a whole.

//DNA Info reports that LIC is getting a second climbing gym.  This one will be located just north of the bridge.  With all the local rock climbing talent, maybe next year we can have a vertical Easter egg hunt.  Have a Good Friday, and good luck in your egg quest kiddies.

Measuring a Growing Subway Ridershipno Good news here

Brooklyn Boulders Bringing Climbing Gym and More to Queensbridgelooks like they’ll be open by summer

Sunnyside Yards Development Could Create Headaches For Greenpointers TooNewtown Creek itself would be forced to bare an added burden – wastewater flow from the project is likely to flow to the creek, and decking Sunnyside Yards will prevent it from drinking up storm water, according to Waxman

Buzz, Concerns Build for LIC Arts Open

31-Story Marriott in Queens Plaza Getting Facadew/ a Marriott this size, we’re on the map

Bike n Brews in Hunters Pointmix n match event on April 11

$30 Million Offered for Former LIC Cigar Factory

City Moves to Make 21st Street Safer for Pedestrians



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    keep building there will be no issues

    this city is a joke

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