Jimmy F saw the greatness,  but not the rec center

Jimmy F saw the greatness, but not the rec center

THE petition to include a community center with a pool in the Plaxall rezoning has surpassed its goal of 500 signatures.  That’s 500+ residents of Hunters Point who now await the final decision by the city like a child waits for Christmas morning.

Nevertheless as mentioned last week, the expense to include this much needed facility for the community is negligible.  Cut 10% of the whopping 300k square feet allocated to light industrial and reclaim 20k sq ft. of now redundant resident-only gym space from the new residential towers, and bingo: a 50k sq ft. rec center with more than enough room for a pool, gym, studios, etc.  Throw in that the build-out on a massive project should be benefiting from tremendous economies of scale, and both the real estate and cash costs are greatly reduced.

In light of this may our elected officials put aside their priorities and consider those of the locals in this not unreasonable request.

//HEY, did you watch the Pepsi halftime show during this year’s SuperBowl?  If so then you couldn’t miss the opening starring Jimmy Fallon sitting on the ‘s’ of the Pepsi sign.  Yes, it was unmistakably the Pepsi sign in Long Island City, broadcast on the most highly watched television program of the year.  Or maybe we’re all just too jaded from film and tv shoots in the area?

Rec Center Petition583 signatures to be exact

Residents Call For New Indoor Recreation Center in LICJimmy Fallon isn’t the only one on TV, so is LIC’s Brent O’Leary

Pepsi 2018 Superbowl Halftime Showvideo in case you missed, live from LIC

Jimmy Fallon Teases Superbowl Halftime Show As He’s Hoisted Onto Pepsi Signhe wrote on Twitter: ‘Here is proof that I was really sitting ON the @Pepsi sign (harnessed to it actually) with a drone camera keeping me company just so you don’t think it was CGI. ‘I was there – the breeze coming off of the East River – preparing me for MN – freezing my “S” off

Brett Littman Hired to Head the Noguchi Museumbig upgrade: he was formerly the director of The Drawing Center in Soho, where there’s no Costco

Wardrobe Stylist to the Stars Needs New Home landlord kicking all tenants out as it sounds like he’s preparing to sell/develop bldg







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  2. Stop The Madness says:

    What am I missing here? Plaxall is taking over three acres of public land under the Basin to boost their FAR calculations, and not spending a penny to clean up the toxic Basin.

    Make Plaxall abandon their fingers in the sky and give back something to this amazing community that has already given them so much.

    Stop the madness and demand better for LIC before Plaxall packs their bags after completing their personal raping of the community their forefather already grossly contaminated for personal profit two generations ago…

  3. LIC resident says:

    The point of resident-only gym space is that it’s just that. No old-timey neighborhood folks who sit there not working out, wagging fingers at people and saying “you’re not from here” like they are the xeno-police. Just people who actually pay for it.

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