They're dancing near Borden over the return of the Crabhouse

They’re dancing near Borden over the return of the Crabhouse

The restaurant group that owns Shi and Skinny’s Cantina will be re-opening the Waterfront Crabhouse in LIC that sits at the end of Borden Avenue.  While we don’t know about the timing or details, we hear it will continue with the seafood theme and possibly the name in some sort of iteration.

The Crabhouse, which opened back in 1977, was closed this February soon after the original owner passed away.  Despite undergoing extensive renovations due to Hurricane Sandy, it retained its cluttered nostalgic look, which featured lots of boxing memorabilia.  Might a gut renovation be in the works?

The Condos Are Coming – capitalism’s a great thing, isn’t it?  Nothing fills a void quicker than the possibility of making money.  We’ve been commenting on the utter lack of available units for sale in LIC for over a year now, and while you can’t quite helicopter them in, finally supply is starting to evince itself.  Some available for purchase and occupancy almost immediately, some you can buy but not inhabit for awhile, and finally additional condo projects are being filed and announced.  Unlike the rental buildings planned for the neighborhood, most of these projects are small to tiny.  Despite their diminutiveness, they are popping up like weeds.  Expect many more of these type of projects to come as long as the economy stays healthy.

More Condos Planned for LICa pair of five-story, three-unit buildings on 51st Ave in HP.  Small potatoes yeah, but if small works, then so does all else.

Modern Spaces Kicks Off Ad Campaign at The Cornerbuilding almost completed, time to market these 23 condo units on 11th Street

LIC Condos Say They’re ‘Rustic’ but Are Actually Brand Neweither way, The Factory House’s 37 units across the street from Linc LIC look pretty cool

Factory House Websiteyou be the judge

Hedge Fund Manager Daniel Loeb Buys Stake in LIC Office Buildingold 3-story warehouse to get renovation, but not condos

Free Shakespeare Coming to Gantry Parkmark your calendars now for Hip to Hip Theatre Company’s free Shakespeare on Saturday, August 1 and Saturday, August 8


  1. Anonymous says:

    when will the waterfront crab house be open?

  2. YoKat says:

    Soft opening Saturday.

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