Hey that looks crowded, why don't we put one there?

Hey things are burgeoning over there, why don’t we plop one down in the middle of it?

A Starbucks is coming to 26-14 Jackson Avenue, about one block north of the Citi Tower.  It will be the first free-standing Starbucks in Long Island City and nearby residents and workers will now have two baristas to choose from on the block, as it’s across the street from the recently opened Toby’s Estate Coffee.

This news comes by way of The Court Square Blog, whose Editor noticed the construction permit, did some spade work, checked with sources, and posted it on the site last Friday.  Though I really wish that I had gotten the scoop, it’s journalistic courtesy to note the name of the publication that did, as say The New York Times does for The Washington Post.  Or you could just sit on the twitter feeds of local blogs to get breaking news, add a little background and publish it as your own while sitting in your bathrobe sipping double-decaf latte’s1.

//RIGHT down the block from our new Starbucks, an office and retail building is being constructed across the street from the Court Square 7-train Station.  A new rendering and description of this 8-story building at 23-20 Jackson Avenue is pretty snazzy and a marked change from other office/retail space in the neighborhood, both existing and planned.  Full floor-plates with 12-foot ceilings are on offer, and the first three floors of retail will be all glass and exposed.  Given the easily reachable location it’s going to be very interesting to see if the LIC discount to Manhattan narrows considerably when this is leased.  Occupancy expected at the end of 2018…

//TASTE OF LIC is next Tuesday, June 6.  Like previous years, this fundraiser for The Chocolate Factory features roughly 40 local purveyors of food and booze, plus entertainment and a cast of about a thousand.  At $65 a head it’s a great deal2  Unlike previous years, it will not be held on the waterfront at Gantry Plaza State Park.  We asked Sheila Lewandowski, the Executive Director of the Chocolate Factory, about this change and she replied:

“The move from Gantry to Kaufman was a decision after much consideration. We were at Gantry for 8 years and many of the restaurants were joining us from throughout the greater LIC, which includes wonderful places like (north to south) Thirsty Koala, Kurry Qulture, Rest’au’Rant, Dutch Kills Centraal, Beija Flor, M.Wells, Woodbines, Casa Enrique…. Over time the desire to prepare food on site grew and we were not able to accommodate that request at Gantry. And, we also thought it might be good to have a little change.”


A Starbucks is Coming to 26-14 Jackson Avenuespot the mermaid

83,000 Square Feet of New Office & Retail Building Ready to be Leasedmore coffee?

12th Annual Taste of LICnext Tuesday, June 6, get more info and tix here

GrowNYC Greenmarket at Socrates Sculpture Park Closes for Lack of Businessbut the farmers may still come and sell their wares anyway

City Settles With Family of Japanese Student Killed by Police Car in LICback in 2013 on 40th Avenue

Guitar String Maker Albert Augustine Ltd. Leaving LIC After 25 Years“it was more economical for them to transfer their manufacturing facility from Long Island City to Mount Vernon,” “forced out of Long Island City by unaffordable industrial property in New York City, gentrification of former industrial areas and New York City’s minimum wage rules”

  1. even if this isn’t one’s reporting m.o., one really should at least acknowledge where the story idea originated []
  2. when purchased in advance, and kids are only $25! []
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