Ice on the East River?  I'm southbound!

Ice on the East River? I’m southbound!

Well I’m Southbound, Lord I’m comin’ home to you.
Well I’m Southbound, baby, Lord I’m comin’ home to you.
I got that old lonesome feelin’ that’s sometimes called the blues.

Is South Beach the South?  Who knows?  Who Cares?  It’s really cold and I’m outta here.  But before I go, there’s a little tidying up I need to do.

Following up on last week’s “Crosswalk” editorial, a special thank-you to ‘Anna’ in the comments, who provided the turnkey complaint link to hopefully get something done on Center BoulevardFill this out, it takes two minutes, and goes to the right people:

Next, another local meeting, this one is open to all:  Ask Gantry State Park, Wednesday February 5, 6:30pm, at PS78.  Officials from the NY State Parks Department will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, such as “What’s the deal with the closed playground on 48th Avenue, and when will the basketball courts be upgraded?”  It will be moderated by CB2 Chairman Joe Conley.

Finally, a few stories about Library-Gate.  Did you know the head of the Queens Library makes $391,000 and gets a new car every year?  I did not, and neither did Jimmy Van Bramer, the head of the library committee on the city council.  Read on…

Expanding Center Blvd Needs Crosswalks and Stop Signs Locals Saylookee here, the mainstream pres picks up on our local issue.  A little corroboration, but not much new

Queens Skyline to Change Due to Several Mega-Developments On Waynot much new here if you’ve been reading the local news

59-Unit Rental on 11th Street to be Ready by Springnot much new here

The Shannon Pot Will Re-Open on January 28thlike I say about my golf game “Third time’s the charm!”  Finally some news from the Court Square blog.

Queens Library Prez Gets $390G, Luxe Office Makover, While Shedding 130 Jobsfirst comes the set-up.  Good piece of investigative work by The Daily News.  Now this is exactly why we need local newspapers!

Van Bramer Calls for Oversight Hearing on Queens Librarythen comes the backlash

Queens Library CEO Calls Pay “Average”then come the excuses …uh, uhh, guffaw





  1. Ally says:

    No wonder the Hunters Point Library keeps getting delayed. Now I know where all the funds go to run it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    welcome to nyc newcomers

    laughable how so many think things work around these parts
    like they did back home

    dont like it leave

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