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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Native says:

    this is cute, you have a blog.

  2. MICHELE says:

    Anybody know what all the police action happening at the Avalon today? There were at least 15-20 cops.

  3. Jeff Caldwell says:

    Anyone know what’s up at CityVet? Is Dr Adams gone?

  4. kyle says:

    So, Brooklyn has DUMBO, Manhattan has SOHO, I think long island city needs a re-brand to up the area’s cachet. How about this: QBERT – Queensboro Bridge East River Tangency. Im thinking that would cover the LIC neighborhoods from the bridge down to hunters point, basically everything along the river south of the bridge. For those millenials out there with no memory of it, QBert was an old school arcade game from the early 80s – i think there was a cartoon and breakfast cereal based on the character in the game. So, it should be easy to catch on. The real estate people that focus on Center Blvd and some of the new development, not to mention business owners, would absolutely love a quirky name to attract attention to the area. That’s my idea – thoughts?

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