Summer's end

Summer’s end

“Bring us a pitcher of beer every seven minutes until somebody passes out. And then bring one every ten minutes”

‘Back to School’ is a classic 80’s movie, worthy of multiple viewings.  Most importantly, it’s protagonist imparts a message that all those children who began the new school year today should remember after they graduate: The real world is hard, so move back in with your parents… let them worry about it!

‘Back to School’ Plotit might actually be funnier in the reading than on celluloid

Free Kids Basketball Clinic at Gantry Park Courts on 48th Avenue every Saturday in September from 10am-noon for boys & girls in grades 2-8

Life in Long Island City, the Country’s Fastest Growing Neighborhoodsadly he gets a lot right, but misses a lot too

There’s a Terrifying Graffiti Mural of Clowns in LICaww, they’re harmless

Le Bernardin Drops LIC’s Tom Cat Bakery’s Goods After Immigration Protestno more brioche w/ your fried shrimp platter

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