Brooklyn is in the back(ground), Queens is in the fore(ground)

Brooklyn is in the back(ground), Queens is in the fore(ground)

Here’s an incendiary headline that ought to grab attention: Brooklyn is no longer hip.  It officially occurred on September 28 of last year, with the opening of the $1 billion dollar Barclay’s Center.  In my mind, once you have your own NBA team, you’re on equal footing with Oklahoma City and Sacramento.  Yet even before last year, Brooklyn had jumped the shark.  Because anything that starts out small and hip, inevitably blows up into the mainstream.  And once the real estate developers catch on, which these days is earlier and earlier, it’s game over.  As the original hipsters move on due to higher rents(and aging), us wannabees move in.

Yet there is a silver lining in this tale.  Because you live in Queens, you are at the forefront of the next hip movement.  Sure, that’s tough to fathom when you are living in a modern shiny tower stuffed with amenities and turn-key comfort.  But who cares, because all you have to say to anyone in New York is that you live in Queens.  As of today, 3/4 of Manhattanites will still think to themselves ‘Hmm, that’s pretty cutting edge.’  Because even they know Brooklyn is over, but Queens…

Brooklyn: The Brand – “There is a Brooklyn Diner in Dubai, a Brooklyn Restaurant in Malaysia, and Gorky Park in Moscow features a trendy snack kiosk with the word “Williamsburg” emblazoned across its top.”  Yeah, over.

Creating Hipsturbia in the Suburbs of New York “As formerly boho environs of Brooklyn become unattainable due to creeping Manhattanization and seven-figure real estate prices, creative professionals of child-rearing age, …are starting to ponder the unthinkable: a move to the suburbs.”

How I Became a Hipsterothers might see the opening of the Wythe Hotel as the official end of Brooklyn’s hipness.

Brownstoner Founder Venturing Into Queensa promise to LICtalk readers: we will never “venture” anywhere else


Woman Killed While Crossing Street Near Queensboro Bridge Entrance – “A driver struck and killed a woman crossing the roadway of Queens Plaza North.”

Ring 8 to Honor Emile Griffith at the Waterfront Crabhousetwo examples of keeping it real in Queens: Boxing and The Crabhouse


  1. JP says:

    While I might agree with you that Brooklyn is almost completely gentrified, let’s not be so quick to judge, as Queens has long had its own professional sports team.

  2. Queensie says:

    At least Brooklyn has a subway line that runs on weekends. The MTA is shutting down the 7-train for five weekends this fall!

  3. OldTimer says:

    It looks like the fall 7train shutdowns are standard procedure now. It used to not start until after the New Year.

  4. renemarie says:

    And letos not forget “”Brooklyn”Decker. the model married to Andy Riddick,the tennis player

  5. […] proximity to midtown where real estate is still inexpensive.  Second, as we wrote about last year: Brooklyn has jumped the shark, and while it is easy to cut down a neighbor, one also has to make an argument as to why Queens is […]

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