Open doors, cue accordion, and you're in your own Woody Allen movie

Open doors, cue accordion, and you’re in your own Woody Allen movie LIC commuters

Mayor De Blasio announced today that he wants to cover Sunnyside Yards and build 11,000 units of affordable housing.  He also made clear what most people knew already, that his biggest priority going forward will be affordable housing in NYC.

I believe it’s a misaligned redistribution of wealth and slap in the face to those who don’t qualify for affordable housing, such as a lot of the people in LIC.  But I’m a lonely scribe and he’s the mayor.  As for the Sunnyside Yards plan, I think it has ‘white elephant’ written all over it and fear it potentially could become NYC’s version of the ‘Big Dig,’ but I’m curious how Jimmy Van Bramer responds to the idea now that the Mayor has given his full endorsement.

One of the keys to the Mayor’s affordable housing plan will be to allow developers to build higher and denser.  Which as The New York Times point out:

“…it is only a matter of time before development transforms even the poorest neighborhoods beyond recognition, straining the subways, packing the schools and pushing longtime residents out.”

//While it had nothing to do with densification, Long Island City got a taste of strained subways yesterday and today when the 7-train had a major malfunction.  Packed platforms and subway cars, and trudges through the snow are the potential rewards for having another million people living in NYC.

//Finally, in the ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ category, Fox News reports that Hillary is considering basing her national campaign headquarters in Long Island City, and the Mayor announced new ferries for LIC & Astoria.  Of course we do have a spaghetti sandwich in LIC, so you never know.

De Blasio Heralds Sunnyside Yards as Next Stuy Town – “a game-changer” with enough affordable housing for “over 30,000 New Yorkers.”

An Obstacle to De Blasio’s Affordable Housing Plan: Neighborhood Resistance “In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, residents have turned sedate discussions about how to responsibly rezone a local thoroughfare into screaming matches over whether to halt all development.”

7-Train Riders Stalled for Two Hours in Morning Commutea harbinger of things to come?

Hillary to Be Queen of Queens?if she does, she’s got my vote, no questions asked

New Ferry Service MapLIC North anyone?

Move Over Ramen Burger, There’s a Spaghetti Sandwich in TownM. Wells showing once again why they’re the master of the press release

Cathy Nolan Bails from Speaker RaceQueens can’t win everything


  1. Chris says:

    The fact that even the city calls it a lottery embodies what is wrong with affordable housing. It’s based on luck not skill or hard work. Is that what made America great?

  2. Mike says:

    well if you make a low salary it’s great if you get one of these spots
    but if you make a good salary (not wealthy but any stretch) you are screwed

    you cannot afford a million dollar apartment but make too much to qualify for one of these
    affordable units you are screwed

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is plenty of affordable housing in Woodside, Jamaica, Ridgewood, Elmhurst and elsewhere in Queens. Since when did “affordable” mean brand new construction and super convenient?

  4. MB says:

    Why can’t you people focus more on your own well being and less on others good fortune? Affordable housing is beneficial for all New Yorkers.

  5. mc43rd says:

    Does anyone know where the LIC north ferry stop would actually be?

  6. Queensie says:

    C’mon Hillary, bring your campaign headquarters to LIC! Queens is the most diverse borough in the country and the real New York. By the end of 2015 everyone else will know this too.

    • LICer says:

      Hillary: Dear New Yorkers! My son-in-law runs a small business ($400mln. hedge fund). He lost money last year and he has a baby daughter. I know how you feel.

  7. Zero says:

    Hey De Blasio, as long as you’re looking to redistribute wealth here’s an idea. Let’s call it ‘Affordable Driving’. Everyone below select income levels gets a new BMW every three years. Just like they shouldn’t have to commute too far and need luxury skyscrapers w/ amenities, I don’t think it’s right that those who don’t make enough should not ride in style.

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