GIMME SHELTER …and maybe a little naan

Clear skies or stormy weather ahead?  What bringeth Manhattan?

Oh, a storm is threat’ning
My very life today
If I don’t get some shelter
Oh yeah, I’m gonna fade away

The weather has been quite unsettled in LIC over the last ten days, and one could use that term to describe the financial markets too over the same period.  Nevertheless, as I have been reporting in my recent posts, none of it is having any deleterious effect on Manhattan real estate …yet.  Whether one rents their apartment or is looking to buy, there are not many bargains to be had despite what is happening in Greece, Spain, Italy etc., or maybe because of it.  The first article comes from today’s Wall Street Journal, and confirms the detail from my post of June 4th about foreigners of all stripes snapping up houses and condos as if they were t-shirts.  Next up comes a story about the eternal buy versus rent dilemma, and sides in the camp of the former based on today’s metrics.  Shifting away from real estate, we get a profile on the owner(s) of LIC Market, followed by three other LIC articles the last of which contains the obligatory Chuck Schumer appearance.  Finally, I will pass on a rumor for the culinary crowd: LIC is getting a new Indian restaurant on 21st Street, just south of 44th Drive.

Foreigners Snap Up Properties In the U.S. my goodness, even Canadians are getting in on the act!

Manhattan Homes Best Deal For Buyers Since 2006uhh, I think the pic in the article is Queens not Manhattan!

Restorative Artist Rebuilds the Past in LICand while she’s at it opens a restaurant too

First Queens Tech Meet Up Draws More Than 150 to LICnet-net: LIC is the next Palo Alto, get on board!

Community Board Takes Stance in Labor Dispute

Schumer: Queens is Great For Biking

One thought on “GIMME SHELTER …and maybe a little naan

  1. Bill says:

    The buy versus rent argument may make sense now, unfortunately there is not much to buy in LIC

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