Au revoir industries of old?  Click on this pic for detail.

Fresh off the news that Publicis, the huge international advertising agency, is coming to LIC, we get the possibility that the city is looking to turn our little town into the next technology center.  The proposal, labeled the “Anable Basin Tech Incubator”, cites many of the facts that we already know about the neighborhood, as advantages of locating something like this here.  It certainly wouldn’t hurt to add a little of the State’s money to grease the wheels, but personally I think it is going to happen anyway.  As I have been highlighting in my posts the last few months, many small tech companies have already made the decision to locate here.  Though we are far from achieving critical mass, the momentum is there and so are so many of the things small tech companies are looking for including  being a mass transit hub, lots of nearby housing stock, an educated work force, and lots of relatively inexpensive office space.  By 2014 I predict Goldman Sachs will be opening up a satellite office in LIC.  Which leaves me with one final question about the tech explosion in Long Island City: Will it be more like Palo Alto or Bangalore?

Maybe we will share some of our good fortune with our neighbors across the creek in Greenpoint.  The New York Times had a big update on Sunday about all the building and gentrification going on in that neighborhood.  Basically they are charting a similar path to Long Island City’s.  What I couldn’t help but wonder is “Gee, the front page picture on the article looks remarkably like the one I posted on July 19th!”  I may have to give Arthur Sulzberger a call.  If Greenpoint is still in the throes of gentrification, Williamsburg has officially completed that stage and commenced full on disneyfication or maybe “meatpackingfication” is more like it, with the opening of the Wythe Hotel.  The yuppies of yesterday are the neo-hipsters of today, plus ca change…

But wait, sometimes things do go back to the way they were.  There are rumors of the Macy’s fireworks coming back to the East River!  Check out the last story and come to your own conclusion as to the probability.  Who knows, maybe the fireworks can be timed to signify the grand opening of the LIC incubation?

Proposed Tech Incubator In LICwhat happened to starting up in your garage?

Long Island City’s Tech Takeoverwill it be feted with fireworks?

Who You Calling Gritty?will I still be able to get kielbasa and pierogis?

All Roads Lead To Wythe AvenueWythe Avenue, Gansevoort Street, Collins Avenue…

Follow That Touristmentions some Queens tourist spots and concludes with an offer to stay at the Z Hotel in LIC for $1,000 a week plus breakfast

Newtown Creek: Past, Present, Future Workshop

New Ferry To LIC, Brooklyn Exceeds 1M Passenger Markcan you imagine what the numbers would be if the LIC embarkation point wasn’t so remotely located?

LIC Ice Cream Shop Relies On Communitymore on Malu

Macy’s May Bring Fourth Of July Fireworks Extravaganza Back To The East Riverwhere they belong!


  1. ML says:

    One thing the fireworks article doesn’t make clear is if the plan to move them to the East River means the LIC/Greenpoint/Astoria area or the Brooklyn Heights/Dumbo area.

  2. Ally says:

    I knew that picture on the front page of the NY Times Real Estate section this Sunday looked very familiar!

  3. Mikey from Queens says:

    Dude you completely forgot to mention in highlighting the incubator article, the mention of Plaxall:

    “turning an old ferry boat into a floating beer garden, Kirby said. They are also look to host weekend markets on a parking lot nearby.”

    It’s not like you to be jaded by the news of a new beer garden …or anything beer related!

  4. anonymous says:

    C’mon Jimmy V, get yourself involved in this fireworks meeting to make sure they are hel in the right portion of the East River.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can we get a petition going for this fireworks thing?

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