Adios view of the Chrysler Building?

What’s going on at the residential lots of Hunters Point South Phase 2?  For the last year absolutely nothing as the anointed developer TF Cornerstone wrangled with Amtrak and the New York Power Authority over underground rail and electrical lines – admittedly no simple feat.  Yet according to a story in Crain’s, the issues seem to have been worked out and the building plans might be back on track and starting soon.

Which brings us (once again) to the more important issue of what should be housed in the “public domain” section of this massive structure?  While plans currently call for a new school, we here at LICtalk argue that a community Rec Center with a pool is much more appropriate for this particular location in Hunters Point South.

Why?  First of all because there is another free-standing school slated to be built and opened only four blocks south of this one, and given the delays it is expected to open at the exact same time as the one in this building, if not a year earlier.  In addition, there’s another new school planned for directly north of Anable Basin in the Water’s Edge proposal.  For more reasons on the rationale of placing a rec center in lieu of a school in this specific location, click here.

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  1. […] design changes came about due to the previously reported logistical problems the developer was having with Amtrak, the NY Power Authority, and others running anything and everything under the site.  […]

  2. […] TF Cornerstone has taken a big knife to their plans for Parcel C in Hunters Point South according to The Real Deal.  The latest iteration contains only ~400 units in a single 46-story tower versus 1,200 units in a pair of 55 & 44-story towers announced only this past October.  No reason is given in the TRD story, but there have been logistical problems at the site since the very beginning, most notably train tunnels and utility lines. […]

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