'Transformation' courtesy of Dan the Man

‘Transformation’ courtesy of Dan the Man

There’s nothing more underwhelming than cellphone pictures of fireworks.  Except cellphone video of fireworks.  Instead, it’s the out of body experience of being in LIC during the lockdown period in the morning and early afternoon of the Fourth, followed by the massive invasion of outsiders – and the actual people themselves coming to attend the Macy’s fireworks shows, who transform our everyday locales into packed staging grounds.

Excluding a half-hour of moderate rainfall prior to the fireworks, this year’s show went off without hitch.  The crowds and the organization were very orderly.  Supposedly there was some big TV/Private Party extravaganza occurring just south of Gantry Park, all very corporate I’m sure, and a significant contrast to the informality of the real celebration. They’ve come and gone, now onto the rest of the summer.

//Hunters Point South Update – the latest addendum to the RFP for parcels F&G  in Hunters Point South allows one tower to go as high as 550 feet, and the other 400 feet (~ 55 & 40 stories); it also confirms that the freestanding school is looking like 2020, will have an outdoor play area, and is currently slated for k-5; and that Hunters Point Park South Phase 2 will be completed  by the end of 2018.

Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Enthralls Spectatorsw/ video from LIC

ABC’s Quantico Plus Two New Series to Begin Filming at Silver Cupstraight from the press release to print, a publicist’s dream!

Wolkoff Building 5Pointz Towers Without Union Labordespite initially agreeing to do so in order to score variance

7 Summer Art Shows to Relish in Queens4/7 in LIC

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