There's always La Choza Del Gordo

There’s always La Choza Del Gordo

One word for the upcoming year: Roadkill.  Hugue Dufour whispered it to me recently, and in typical M. Wells fashion he plans to up the ante by adding a ‘carpaccio’ appetizer and a tartar special.

Hey c’mon, this chic cuisine is environmentally friendly – waste not want not.  It’s even pulling in some long time vegetarians of the PETA strain, who have never been fully enraptured with the versatility of tofu.

This is not the first cutting edge culinary trend to emanate from the backwoods, where ‘noodling’1 is a way of life for many in selected ‘red’ states.  And I remember putting syrup on everything throughout high school after reading ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ (that’s what you get ma for making me read literature in lieu of comic books).

Fear not vegans, by this time next year I’m predicting the next food craze to also have a literary, but non-carnivore bent: an updated version of Wonka Gum – with an entire three-course dinner available in one stick.  If so, dates will never be the same, and sommeliers will become extinct. Just hope they get the dessert portion tweaked.

In the meantime, this year’s LIC restaurant round-up is a little more prosaic, as cafes and pubs seem to be the dominant theme.  Booze and coffee yes, burgers and pizza less.


BiaVietnamese gastropub, no need to say more than those two words

Bierocracythe second in a short list of recently opened restaurants in LIC specializing in beer/pub food and beginning with ‘Bi.’  For many I’ve encountered, the question has not been ‘Have you been to Bierocracy’ but ‘How many times?’ Because parents like to guzzle beer and bratwurst too, and this noisy place is kid friendly

Gizi Wine and Cheesehoused in a railroad configured space on Vernon, they serve chocolate and coffee too, but no burgers or pizza

KavalaGreek comes to LIC via the Shi/Skinny’s duo

LIC Corner Cafesandwiches, greek pastries, and the whole roster of coffee options – but no burgers or pizza


Cafe Rivathis one will be located between Cafe Henri and Station LIC, and across from Kavala and Open Door.  Hmm, 50th Ave is becoming a bit of a restaurant row

Chipotleas first mentioned here in LICtalk,though given recent headlines, I’m not sure how highly anticipated this will be, but it won’t be serving burgers or pizza

Takumenaccording to the LIC Post this will be a Japanese restaurant across from the 108th precinct

Sushi Daizenin old El Ay Si location on Vernon, no burgers or pizza


LIC Bar: The Restaurantcoming to the old Communitea corner space on Vernon and 47th Ave

Starbucksper Sam Charney this past August, they’ve inked a lease.  The mystery deepens as to where and when?

Crab Housethe old Waterfront Crab House on Borden has been taken over by the Shi/Skinny conglomerate and will be completely transformed and updated for the 21st century

26-21 Jackson – via The Court Square blog, Rockrose confirmed a restaurant is coming to this 940 sq. ft space.  They’ve applied for a liquor license under the name CIBO 2621 LLC

24-03 41st Avealso per the Ct Sq Blog, Dutch Kills will get a new place to imbibe w/ the applicant named Bachata Rosa Restaurant Lounge.  Hmm, I’d say burgers and pizza are doubtful

  1. oh I bet noodling wasn’t what you thought it would be before clicking thru.  Maybe you were thinking something resembling the noun of the word, or your perverse mind went in another direction []


  1. Wish we were getting a good neighborhood Chinese place. Not takeout or fusion. Just Chinese.

  2. DL says:

    Does anyone know if Testaccio closed? The sign on the door says “Closed for renovations” but it’s all newspaper editor up.

    • Amadeo Plaza says:

      I noticed that as well. Though, I suppose it’s not hard to believe they don’t want people peering inside at their ongoing work.

  3. Tom says:

    I always wondered about that Choza El Gordo place, does anyone know if it’s any good?

  4. eldest egg says:

    Anyone know what Amerigo is? on 21st street opposite the train. I’ve seen it open twice and the rest of the time it’s closed. looks like a diner maybe?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gizi Wine & Tapas Bar in LIC serves great small Tapa plates worldwide, we recently visited Gizi and were plasently surprised by big food selection this place had to offer .
    They do serve coffee only in the morning hours from 6 am till 3 pm in the Winter time

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your suggestion about Gizi Wine Bar they have great food definitly worth going for great wine and amazing Tapas .
    Thumbs UP Gizi Crew

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