Mina’s Restaurant is Moving Into MoMA PS1 in LIC

Mina’s and MoMA’s and Mu’s – still plenty of M”s

Spring training started this week, yet the gloom of winter still casts its pall on Long Island City with nary a bulb peeping and local news in deep hibernation.  Sure, I could do a post-mortem on HQ2, but why?  It’s time to move on and with that we’re happy (sad) to share that M. Wells Dinette will be leaving MoMA PS1 at month’s end and Mina’s will replace it come April following a renovation according to The New York Times.  Per the article (and name) , Mina Stone, a cookbook writer, will run the restaurant and it will have a Mediterranean menu.  Out goes butter and in comes olive oil, out goes meatloaf and foie gras and in comes hummus and branzino,  out goes winter and…

Mina’s Coming to MoMA’s in Aprilaccording to Florence Fabricant at NYT

M. Wells Dinette Closing At End of This Monthsince 2012, 7-yr itch?

Mina’s at MoMA Press Release

Queens Politicians Feel The Heat Over Amazon’s Withdrawaltwo in particular

Japanese Restaurant Coming to 42-38 Crescent Streetin Court Square

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  1. Ray says:

    I haven’t seen any news about the Italian place opening on 11th Street and 44th Drive, next to the new Shannon Pot.

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