A nice little shack on the water

A nice little shack on the water in LIC

ONE million square feet of office space is up for lease in the Citi Building in Court Square as Citigroup consolidates according to the New York Post.  That’s a lot I think.  In addition, YIMBY revealed that a 24-story spec1 office building containing 400k sq. ft. is coming to Queens Plaza South.  Ahh, 24 stories, that’s a lot easier to comprehend spacially – but I’m glad they also supplied a picture.  As for the Citi building, a million square feet is roughly 2/3 of the tower.  Yeah, a lot.

In order to attract commercial tenant(s), the owner of the Citi building plans on transforming the 5-story retail “atrium” to include a 17,000 square foot food hall, all of which they hope will also attract the burgeoning nearby residential community when it opens in mid-2020.

Almost as an addendum, there is also a more moderately sized food hall coming to the LIC/Astoria border, which is expecting to open before year-end, and the Blanchard Building on Borden Ave. unveiled it’s new look this week and it’s +200k sq ft are available for commercial tenants immediately.

Citi Consolidation Opens A Million Square Feet in LICone million dollars feet!

Major Queens Office Tower Revealed at 23-10 Queens Plaza South24 stories bringing 400k sq ft of new office space to LIC

The Plan: A New Food Hall for Astoriaon the LIC Border under the subway tracks

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  1. as in speculative, as in being built on spec that they can fill it, as in they have no tenants currently lined up, as in it’s a total crapshoot, as in it must be getting built using OPM []
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