Possible Candidate Emerges to Take on Gianaris

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IF ever there was an elected political position ripe for the taking, New York State’s 12th District Senator seat would be it.  Occupied by Mike Gianaris since 2010, this seemingly innocuous legislative role was thrust into the limelight by Amazon HQ2.  Given Gianaris’ staunch opposition and the subsequent reversal by Amazon on LIC, …and Queens, backlash in the form of a challenger was all but inevitable.  Now a potential candidate has emerged according to Crain’s New York.

His name is Justin Potter and he has been a resident of LIC since 2012.  Angered over the resistance to Amazon, the 39-year old Potter created a website “DefeatGianaris.com”  and “is considering challenging the politician himself.”  Let the battle begin…

//SIGNS of winter’s end come to LIC this week, as MoMA PS1 announced the 2019 winner of their Young Architect prize.  This achievement is given to the best (subjective) installation concept for the PS1 courtyard, whose setup lasts all summer.  Let the installation begin, summer too…

Small Businessman’s Quest to Avenge Amazon’s Lossand sensing an opportunity

DefeatGianaristhe URL says it all

Pedro y Juana Wins MoMA PS1’s Young Architect Program ‘Jungle in The Sky’ installation coming this summer, with mister!

HUD Exec Lives in Queensbridge For a Weekraze…


2 thoughts on “Possible Candidate Emerges to Take on Gianaris

  1. […] has competition from within the Democratic party in the form of a 39-year old Justin Potter, owner of DefeatGianaris.com. […]

  2. JP says:

    Justin Potter is a lying Republican scumbag who sells dry sticks to morons and pretends to be a Democrat to try to convince people to vote against their own interests.

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