Ridin' that train...

There’s a train now entering the Hunters Point Avenue station?

Show Palace strip club, located on 21st St. across from the exit ramp of the Queensboro Bridge was closed down Friday night by the NYPD in light of prostitution allegations according to The Daily News.  No surprise there, but locals may be disappointed because now they will have to order their beef tenderloin, nachos supreme, and cheesecake from somewhere else this Superbowl.  Nearby, a family living in the Queensbridge Houses claims its apartment is overrun by cockroaches and other vermin.  No surprise there either, raze Queensbridge?

//DOES time stand still when I stare at the 7-train countdown clocks in the Vernon/Jackson station or is it me?  Two minutes rarely turns into four or six when I ride the 1/2/3 or 4/5/6 trains.

NYPD Shutters Show Palace For Allegedly Promoting Prostitutiondoesn’t mean it’s closed permanently though

Queens Family Home Infested w/ Roaches, Rodents After NYCHA Claimed It Fixed Issuesa family w/ 9 kids no less

Homeless Man Found Dead in LICSaturday morning

A Rare Tour of the Neustadt Collections Tiffany Glasslocated in LIC!

LaGuardia Airport Employees Root for Coyoteone wile coyote outfoxes the Dept. of Wildlife

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