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Future home of Shake Shack ...oh and 2,000 new residents

Future home of Shake Shack …oh and 2,000 new residents

Well maybe, but that’s not the real story.  Instead, the LIC Post is reporting that a complete redesign of Hunters Point South’s Parcel C was unveiled last night at a Community Board 2 Land Use meeting.  Most significantly, the towers will now rise to 55 and 44 stories from a previous 41 and 35 stories in the original plan shared in 2013.  The other significant design change from that plan, is that the structure will no longer run uninterrupted along Center Boulevard, which effectively made it one mammoth building with two peaks.  Instead it will be broken up with a Center Boulevard (and Oval and Manhattan) facing open area filled with greenery, art installations, and a food pavilion.  It’s in that pavilion that one of the presenters last night threw out the name Shake Shack Continue reading

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