Thank you for coming J.Lo, but what's w/ the 6 Train?

This is Queens J.Lo, lose the 6 Train

This is all they have in Dutch Kills playground, but no whining

This is all they have in Dutch Kills playground, but no whining

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players

WHILE the majority of readers are in Martha’s Tucket, Northampton, and the Jawsy Shore, those who have stuck around have experienced the unusual dichotomy of the calm before the storm and other non-everyday happenings.  Take J.Lo for example – as nice as summer getaways are, watching her do her thing in front of the midtown skyline on a beautiful night is also a treat.  Unless of course you’re one of the handful of people in the Hunters Point Crossing building across from the Oval who gripe about a little inconvenience and who have an exaggerated sense of entitlement from living in such a vaunted location.  They could just join the rest of LIC and waltz a few blocks over to Gantry Park.  Maybe next year their dreams will come true and Macy’s will pull the fireworks show from Long Island City so as not to be such a nuisance to them.  Won’t that make them happy now that they’ve attracted the NYC media like moths to a flame1 to their cause?  Or maybe they could just move.

Whiners aside, it’s been a lot of fun to watch the set-up for the big show.  While all of Hunters Point Park is being turned into a stage, it’s still fully usable and packed by families through tonight.  In addition to J.Lo and the rest of the well known musicians coming to the waterfront, Tim Gunn of Project Runway was shooting a car commercial in front of the Gantries on Saturday morning.  As for Queensbridge and Dutch Kills they may as well be in another country as far as being removed from the glitz, but one that nevertheless knows how to enjoy a long hot weekend.  Yet come tomorrow night the whole world will be in and focused on Long Island City.

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