Au Revoir or auf wiedersehn?

Au revoir or auf wiedersehn from LIC?

Presidents Day week/end brings no new news to LIC, as it is time to visit the Saints …Anton, Barts, Kitts, Moritz etc.  Or, if you don’t have a life(a.k.a. have children), you may pick from a menu of three choices: Atlantis, Orlando, or Uncle Mo’s spare bedroom in Boynton Beach.  If neither of these options  is doable, may I recommend a quick get away to Poland?  You will not need plane reservations, though a car would be handy, but not essential.  Karczma, a Polish restaurant several blocks from the Pulaski Bridge, does a good job of transporting you temporarily from NYC.   Furthermore, after a few $5 Okocim or Zywiec  pints, you’ll quickly forget that you are not sunning, schussing, shuttling, or shuffleboarding like everyone else in New York.  Best of all, this option is a great one whether you have a life or not.  Oh wait, you want more?  How about if I tell you that when the bill comes you will feel like the wealthiest man in Krakow?  That should make you stop feeling sorry for yourself, GO!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Mo’s in Boynton sounds like a good option :)

  2. Mikey from Queens says:

    How about booking a suite at the Z Hotel and schussing down the LIC Matterhorn for Prez Day weekend.

  3. Paul says:

    In the kick’em when they’re down category, the MTA suspended downtown 6 train service for the weekend. Thus when you take the E or F from Court Square one stop across the river, you cannot transfer to a downtown train.

  4. Q says:

    Not only am I stuck in LIC for this frigid 3-day weekend, but it’s also the weekend of weak sports programming as the NFL is done for the season and the NBA holding its lame all-star game.

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