You can't have construction without concrte

You can’t have construction without concrete

Even in the final days of summer, when all eyes and bodies should be at the beach, the news is dominated by real estate in LIC.  Lots of development updates, topping offs, and new renderings.  One data point, indicative of nothing really, is how the highest priced “home”1 ever offered in Long Island City, or Queens for that matter, listed exactly two years ago at $8 million, has gone through three sets of brokers and can be had today for $4.65 million.  In a similar vein, Continue reading

  1. it’s currently cut up into multi-apartments, but at just under 5,000 square really comes across as a single-family home for any respectable person w/ help and all, right? []
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Working OT for the kids ...and for OT

Working OT for the kids …and for OT

The new condo building on 5th Street across from Cannelle Patisserie has just made it’s units available for purchase through Modern Spaces, according to the real estate website Curbed.  Called ‘The Monarch,’ it contains 1-3 bedroom apartments starting at $700,000.  A look at the building’s website indicates a 1,027 square foot 2-br unit for sale at $1.1 million.  From street level, the building appears sort of bland, but it does have three very important attributes: location, location, location.

//The Daily News has uncovered three heretofore unheralded eating establishments on/near Queens Plaza. Continue reading

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Sunflowers - check, Pepsi Bottle - check, temporary lighting - check, ...wait, is that a UFO?

Sunflowers – check, Pepsi Bottle – check, temporary lighting – check, …wait, is that a UFO?

Last night there was a Community Safety meeting held in light of the alleged rape/assault in Gantry Park recently, and here’s the big non-revelatory news that was delivered by Captain John Travaglia, head of the 108th Precinct: the Hunters Point sub-district is one of the safest sections in NYC, if not the country, if not the planet.  More specifically, there is minimal serious crime, as measured by felonies, that has occurred here in recent years, and even less street crime1 – roughly described as that which doesn’t occur behind closed doors.  Like I said, this should be non-revelatory to anyone who lives in HP.

As for the alleged incident in Gantry Park, Captain Travaglia stated that to date no victim has come forward.  Furthermore, despite cutting back the grasses near the red Adirondack chairs and searching the area, the sole evidence they have is what’s been said on social media, implying that no other witnesses have filed reports/been found.

Ok, there’s not much to go on, which probably and sadly is the case with many alleged sexual assaults. And if as described this incident did occur, it sounds more like a one-off between two individuals who may have been acquainted with each other, rather than one of an endemic or sweeping crime problem in LIC as a whole (net of the ensuing fury and fusillade unleashed on social media).  Yet here’s where the story gets interesting, and troublesome. Continue reading

  1. basically a few stolen cars and DWI’s []
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Dream On at The Baroness

Dreamin’ On at The Baroness

Sing with me, sing for the year
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
Sing with me if it’s just for today
Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away

The New York Post has revealed some of the details of the Dream Hotel in LIC that we were the first to report on back in July of last year:

“The four-story, 254-room hotel will boast Continue reading

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Hittin' the road

Hittin’ the road

I got to get away
Feel I got to get away
Oh oh oh yeah

Marbella, Mykonos, Nantucket, Newport, or even Atlantic City, the place to be is anywhere but roasting in LIC.  Sure there’s still news happening locally, but Continue reading

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Surf n Turf

The new look of the Crabhouse Long Island City

Ali is gone, and so is the boxing memorabilia

Ali is gone, and so is the boxing memorabilia

Surf n Turf

Surf n Turf

In case you were wondering what all the smoke was coming from the northeast last night, it was a 5-alarm fire at a workshop on Queens Boulevard near the Sunnyside border which began around 7:30pm and quickly ravaged the building.  Over two hundred fire fighters were called to the conflagration, and two were seriously injured.

In case you were wondering about the police cars on the wooden promenade in Gantry Park yesterday, and the police tape cordoning off the platforms where the red chairs are, according to a post on a local Facebook site, a rape/attack allegedly occurred there Monday night around 10pm.  So far there has only been one witness who was the Facebook poster, and the victim has yet to come forward.  We tweeted out the actual post and the news of the police investigation on Tuesday, but unlike the fire above, there is nothing very tangible.  One LICtalk reader has suggested that it would be very helpful if a police sketch based on the witness’ description were circulated.


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The leader of the free world

The leader of the free world

I’m going to size up the people of Long Island City early and speculate that Hillary will get two votes for every one that Donald receives. Oh who am I kidding, I’m not a very good handicapper, so maybe it’ll be Donald who will receive two-thirds of the local vote.

Nevertheless, this year for the first time in many a quadrennium, we have an incredible candidate vying to be President of the United States.  One who’s had experience running a major business, one who’s had experience running a major government, and most importantly one who embodies the true beliefs of our country in 2016.

Many of these beliefs have been kicking around and fomenting since the turn of the 21st century, yet most of them have never been given any real consideration when it comes time to pull the lever in the voting booth – as most people fall back on what they are comfortable with.  This inevitably leads to the status quo, which in a rapidly changing world, makes most of us slowly worse off.

In looking for an ideal candidate, I’d want someone with business experience and not solely a political animal.  On the other hand, we have to keep in mind a decision that may have a significantly bigger and longer-lasting impact on the course of this nation than who our next president is: the appointment of our next Supreme Court justice.

In my four years writing for LICtalk, I feel I’ve gotten a pretty good sense of the type of people who live in Long Island City, or at least a pretty good sense of who my readership is (Hi mom!).  To be blunt, there’s a fairly high degree of homogeneity1, largely due to the rezoning and the recently built large towers2 that by price point and aesthetics attract people from very similar economic backgrounds, which translates to similar levels of education and to a certain extent occupation, and ironically age.3.

Though this may be a bit of conjecture, I’m guessing that most people in Long Island City Continue reading

  1. a term that shouldn’t be taken in any way as an insult as the same can be said about Bushwick, Midwood, Flushing, etc. []
  2. oh sure, many can start pointing to older parts of LIC in a search for diversity, but by and large it’s true []
  3. If you’re still a doubter, or critic of the homogeneity viewpoint, think of it in reverse and who gets eliminated: those making less than $100K and over a million – between those two numbers, and yes, it is a large swath, we’re looking at 90% of residents, and probably 75% of total residents fall in a range about 1/3 that size []


Gotta get some crabs!

Keep on crabbing!

According to a commenter on LICtalk, the Crabhouse on Borden Avenue will hold a soft opening this Saturday.  Through back channels, we didn’t get a denial of the rumor, which is enough for our less-than-esteemed publication to run with.  From the look of the picture above, snapped today, it appears they’ve dropped the ‘Waterfront’ from the title and will call it the Crabhouse Restaurant.  While they’re also maintaining the ‘Established’ date as 1976, the interior has undergone a complete renovation, and my guess is the menu has as well under its new management by Skinny of Skinny’s Cantina.  Thus the only question that remains is, can you get soft-shell crabs at the soft opening?

//Bagels & Ice Cream – while we’re on the subject of local eateries, Continue reading



The Kids Are Alright

The Kids Are Alright


‘We’re on one side of the river and the millionaires are on the other, but we have the better view.’ Elizabeth McQueen, Queensbridge

Stories about Queensbridge are infrequent here on LICtalk, and positive stories about it are practically nil.  This weekend though, The New York Times wrote a very inspirational profile on Elizabeth McQueen, a former resident of the houses who spent many years nudging politicians and parks employees to refurbish and re-buttress the long-closed esplanade in Queensbridge Park.  Though she passed away in February at the age of 83, she was able to witness her accomplishment with the re-opening of the esplanade in 2014.  In light of all that she did to make it happen, this week it was officially declared “Elizabeth McQueen Way” by the city.

Now I can’t say that you’ll have anything named after you, but Continue reading

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All the world's indeed a stage, as they look into our gilded cage

All the world’s indeed a stage, as they look into our gilded cage

Isn’t she lovely
Isn’t she wonderful
Isn’t she precious
Less than one minute old

Well Stevie, it’s going to take another year, but the Hunters Point Library has topped out and it looks nothing short of fantastic!  No less an authority than The New York Times states that “…no one will overlook it” in a just-published in-depth article about the library.

The article delves into the long-ago origin of the building, familiar to many older residents of LIC, and shares the latest with a walk-through the author took earlier this week.  Read it and be up-to-date on what Dennis Walcott accurately describes as “the pride of the borough of Queens.”  Now that it’s almost arrived, there is no doubt that it’s existence will be truly monumental for Long Island City.

//Eckstein Development is offering two months of free rent Continue reading

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