Too few condos, too few school seats.

Too few condos, too few school seats.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Long Island City, this week’s news is mostly a rehash of last week’s, last months, and last years news.  I thank you for reading this website, and I hope I can continue to keep your knowledge of the area ahead of the curve in the years to come.  Two areas of interest that I feel my ..ahem, reporting, has been particularly noteworthy, are on the LIC real estate and schools situation.  On the first topic, an article was published today entitled “Study Finds High Rise In Demand For LIC Homes” citing people getting pushed out of Manhattan and low inventory.  Well folks, I TOLD YOU SO in my previous stories from last year “To Buy Or Not To Buy, That Is The Question”, “All I Want For Christmas Is A New Condo”, and “Dwindling.”   On the next topic. schools, don’t even get me started, especially not right before the weekend.  This week comes an article with the self-explanatory title “Hunters Point Kindergarten Waitlist Jumps 50% in Growing Nabe.”  Not news here at LICtalk, because I TOLD YOU SO back in August and October of last year in my stories entitled “LIC, We Have A Problem” and “Schools: The Problem Still Exists And Is As Bad As Ever.”  Now hesitating and missing out on a condo is one thing, it is derived from one’s own choice.  The school situation on the other hand is really sad, especially now that it’s gotten down to the individual level.  Right now, the only thing I can tell you about the two topics going forward is: If they don’t fix the latter problem really soon, it is going to affect the former one.

Ok, it’s the weekend, and time to move on to more lighthearted fare.  Before we do, what do I want you to take away from the discourse above?  That’s right, read LICtalk every week.  Pore through it like a jailhouse lawyer sentenced to 30-to-life.  Before we get to some more I told-you-so’s and then a new event, I also want to let you know to mark your calendar’s for 2013′s Taste of LIC which will be on Tuesday, June 4, and also the following:

LIC Clean-Up: Saturday May 11th, 10am-Noon; 48th Avenue between 5th and Vernon.  Come join your neighbors for an annual spring cleaning of our beautiful neighborhood.  There will be snacks!

Study Finds High Rise In Demand For LIC HomesI told you so!

LIC’s Gantry Park Landing to Begin Leasingthis summer, 200 units, all rentals, no condos, …I told you so!

Hunters Point Kindergarten List Grows 50% in Growing NabeI told you so!

LIC Park Secures Funding For Sandy Repairsold news by now, I told you so!

New Outdoor Market Coming to LICLIC Flea, I told you so last week!

Rock Climbing Gym Coming to LICbiggest in the East, I told you so a month ago!

Cigar and Whiskey Fest Coming to LIC’s Studio SquareIt’s not until mid-May, but here’s a little LICtalk tip: fill a red Solo cup with ice, pour 4 fingers of Knob Creek into it, take it down to Gantry Park and fire up a Davidoff Churchill.  Gantry is a state park so smoking is not prohibited.  Consider it a warm-up for this event, or just the best damn way to spend two hours ever.  Dayenu!

9 thoughts on “LICTALK “I TOLD YOU SO’S!”

  1. calpio says:

    If you have a Churchill to spare, I will meet you on the waterfront in one hour!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, a little self-centered aren’t you? I told you so.

  3. Chuck says:

    Here’s an idea calpio – turn the snack kiosk in Gantry Park into a cigar and whiskey dispensary. That way it doesn’t have to just be a one day affair, but a summer long one.

  4. Mikey from Queens says:

    Does anyone know if the LIC Clean-up is clothing optional?

  5. John says:

    I saw the Gantry Park building the other day and it’s right up against the Powerhouse. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Powerhouse have windows and terraces on the North side of the building? Do these apartment buildings now look directly into each other?

  6. Anonymous says:

    @John, Yes and Yes. There is now a “courtyard” between the buildings.

    • John says:

      Is there any way I can see a picture of this? It sounds like everyone will be living will curtains drawn from now on.

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