Gilligan, remind me again which side is fore and which is aft?

Gilligan, remind me again which side is fore and which is aft?

Ship of fools on a cruel sea, ship of fools sail away from me.
It was later than I thought when I first believed you,
Now I cannot share your laughter, ship of fools

FIFTY years ago we had the ‘Summer of Love.’  I missed it.  Yesterday began the ‘Summer of Hell’ for those suburbanites east and west of Manhattan, and though I once again will not be a participant, as an LIC resident I’ll be a passive bystander in the thick of it all.  That’s because a new ferry port has been added on the East River, 200 yards north of the existing one and adjacent to the Oval in Hunters Point South, in order to accommodate all the commuters from Long Island who now have to depart the LIRR at Hunterspoint Avenue instead of Penn Station.

Will the minds of these commuters be blown like those of 50 years ago?  Will children be conceived in the open air amidst the brackish spray and smell of bunker fuel? I don’t know and I really don’t care, as I live in Long Island City and not Long Island.  Now 3,000 more suburbanites will wish they did too.

Calm Commutes on the First Day of Penn Station Repairs3,000 more commuters come into Hunterspoint Avenue Terminal on first day

22-12 Jackson Ave Owners Score $99 Million Loan to Build Condoscouldn’t they have made it an even 100?  Anyway, we’re talking CONDOS – 182 of them in 11 stories

LIC Gallery Owner Busted for Selling Ivoryaka ‘tusk’

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