Aesthetics are nice, but so is playtime

Aesthetics are nice, but so is playtime

The city has requested bids from developers for the two southern-most sites in Hunters Point South.  According to an article in Crain’s New York, it will contain “at least 750 apartments—with 450 or more (+60%) being permanently affordable.” and that “it prefers proposals that skew toward serving lower-income households.”

In addition, the proposal mentions a community facility space with the vague requirement that it needs to be rented to something/one providing a “community benefit, such as a nonprofit or a doctor.”

Finally, the article reminds us of the recent news that parcel C, TF Cornerstone’s project, is still facing design difficulties, and that schools are planned for both projects.

What this signals to me is that the overall future development of Hunters Point South is in a state of flux, and there is still time to do the right thing and include a real community center, not just some loosely defined “facility.”  In a quick assessment of the proposals, enough space seems to have been set aside.  Now it’s up to the powers that be to recognize the timing and locale for how this should all play out in order to best utilize the tracts.

//Selbstständigkeit! While we’re on the subject of using forward thinking to optimize space and venues, I was reminded of the tremendous lost opportunity in the planning stages of Hunters Point Park Phase 2 in reading an article in the NY Times yesterday about Berlin’s being a playground paradise.

“…in the United States, the sameness of playgrounds is striking.”

We had strongly advocated including a playground for big kids, both in writing here and directly to the Parks Department and NYC EDC.  Alas, they utilized an old playbook of comments solicited in 2009 to plan a park that would be completed in 2018 in a neighborhood that was clearly undergoing a tremendous demographic change.

Though I’m sure the completion of Hunters Point Park will be visibly spectacular, the lost chance to make it an exemplar for the rest of the country (and an adolescents dream) is an invisible mistake.

Let’s not allow a slightly-dated zeitgeist and an overzealous response cause us to make another one.

//The PS78Q Spring Carnival is this Saturday, June 4 on Center Boulevard in front of the Gantries.  Rides, cotton candy, face-painting – what more do you need to know?

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What Makes Berlin a Playground Paradise? – “the prevailing wisdom here is that overprotecting children only makes it more, not less, dangerous for them; they need to learn to protect themselves”

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Criterion Secures $53 Million for LIC Rental Project12-stories, 140 units on 49th Ave near the Hunters Point South subway station

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  1. Robert C says:

    I believe that before they make Hunters Point South and the surrounding area more dense, there needs to be a transit plan to relieve the already overcrowded conditions on the 7 train. Without reliable and relatively easy access to Manhattan and jobs, it won’t matter how affordable the housing is if people can’t get to work to earn a living and pay their rent.

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