We need more than a ball and a wall for the “kids”

In light of the paucity of news coming out on LIC, it is time to make our own news with an advocacy push.  Currently, Long Island City has numerous playgrounds serving its youngsters: Rainbow, Murray, “Train”, and probably Shady again by early 2013.  What do they have in common?  They are all geared for children aged 1-5 years old.  While that constitutes the current majority of kids in our neighborhood, it is time for our cutting edge community to look to the not-too-distant future.  Specifically, the new playgrounds slated for Hunters Point South should be geared to an older demographic.  With that in mind, I have provided a link to a recent story in the Wall Street Journal about some of the more sophisticated equipment being put in today.  One of the playgrounds they highlight is in our “sister” city on the other side of Manhattan: Hoboken.  So if you are reading this and have children of any age in LIC, I urge you to click thru to the story, think of the possibilities, and put in a word with the powers that be.  Isn’t it better that our kids are motivated to be outside in the park doing physical activities, rather than hanging on the couch with their pals Tivo, Wii, and Zuckerberg?

Are Playgrounds Too Safe?it’s for their coping skills, shouldn’t every child be a master of(her own) universe?


  1. CL says:

    While you’re taking requests, how about a shade barn in the next playground?

  2. J says:

    Cool playground and an excellent suggestion,but how do we get it implemented?

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