All work and no play make Jack a...

All work and no play makes Jack a…

Playborhooda version of American kid life featured in shows like “The Little Rascals” and “Leave It to Beaver,” in which kids build forts and ride bikes outside, unsupervised

THUS describes the nirvana a very focused father in Silicon Valley tried to create for his kids and those of his neighbors, according to a lengthy profile on him in this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine.  It’s not unlike my description and desires that I have written about and advocated for in LIC since starting this website in 2012.  Whether it be requesting foresight in the planning of Hunters Point Park to visualize it all of half a decade ahead, describing LIC as a giant cul-de-sac, or cultivating free-range kids and selbstständigkeit (self-sufficiency).

Unlike the NYT article, which the father uses to proselytize about what should be, the purpose of this missive is to point out what already is: for all the reasons I mentioned in the previous paragraph’s links, Hunters Point is a playborhood. Now, all that’s needed is for it to be advertised, publicized, and written about as such.  Whether it be real estate brokers, residents, organizations (hello LIC Partnership), landlords, or politicians, it’s time for a major marketing initiative.  This is because playborhoods are nearly impossible to find in 2016 in the U.S., and it takes a herculean effort to actually create one in today’s screen-obsessed world. Thus, one more  reason to live in LIC.

//POKE: a raw fish salad, similar to a tartare or even ceviche, though typically less acidic

Ramen is sooo 2014.  Though it’s still delicious, I only have it delivered and wouldn’t be caught seen in a ramen joint or mention it in conversation.  Nor would anyone who wants to be like the Kardashians.

Nope, today’s hot culinary fad is poke, and Long Island City is about to get it’s first poke restaurant with the opening of PokeLICious.  It will be located at 5-37 51st Avenue in the storefront previously occupied by the Beer Closet.  Aloha!

//THE handball/tennis courts on 48th Avenue have officially re-opened. Park signs have been posted requesting only handballs and tennis balls be used on the wall, so as not to cause damage to it or the playing surface (aka, no baseballs, hockey pucks, etc.).

//“LET it never be said that a QNS writer turned down an opportunity to be plied with more booze”

Fair Warning: We don’t do formal restaurant reviews at LICtalk.  If there’s a place, new or old, that we’ve attended and are thrilled about, we’ll selectively give a shout out.  We’ll also exuberantly blabber on about restaurants coming soon that we think will be a big addition to the neighborhood.

Nor does LICtallk accept any sponsored content, just like our contemporaries The New Yorker and The New York Times.  Needless to say, if ever given the opportunity to gorge on crab, lobster, rib-eye, blueberry cheesecake and triple-chocolate cake, washed down with beer flights, tiki cocktails, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blancs, Sancerres, Bordeaux, and dessert wines gratis, our response would be ‘Ply me to the moon.’  Just don’t expect me to write an objective piece about it the next day.

The Anti-Helicopter Parent’s Plea: Let Kids Play!“Even if a boy wanted to play outside, Mike explains, with whom would he play? At any given hour, there might be a 30 percent chance that some kid was playing outside. But the so-called network effect, in which children influence one another’s behavior, means that 30 percent might as well be zero, because it is low enough that no boy can count on it and so will default to his screen — causing the percentage to drop lower. That is, kids don’t play outside because other kids don’t play outside. Playing outside becomes like Betamax — it’s just obsolete. But in the case of a playborhood, the vicious circle transforms into a virtuous one: When there’s always another kid to play with, most kids want to play.”

Beloved Long Island City Restaurant Reopens, Rebranded as ‘Crabhouse’“Our night at Crabhouse was wonderful and full of great drinks, amazing food …you’d be hard-pressed to find a bad thing about Crabhouse.”

Full Reveal For 5-Story Condo Building on 5th Street Across from Duane Readelooks very high end with 8 residences averaging almost 1,400 a sq ft. each.  Plus ground floor retail w/ very high ceilings

Aloft Hotel on Jackson Ave Sets Nov. 10 Opening Datenot quite a W Hotel, but we’ll take it

289-Room Hotel to Replace Western Beef on Northern Boulevardwe’ll miss ya WB

Probe Heats Up Into City’s Dealings w/ Waters Edge OwnerInvestigators have stepped up their scrutiny of Mayor Bill de Blasio administration’s relationship

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