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All work and no play make Jack a...

All work and no play makes Jack a…

Playborhooda version of American kid life featured in shows like “The Little Rascals” and “Leave It to Beaver,” in which kids build forts and ride bikes outside, unsupervised

THUS describes the nirvana a very focused father in Silicon Valley tried to create for his kids and those of his neighbors, according to a lengthy profile on him in this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine.  It’s not unlike my description and desires that I have written about and advocated for in LIC since starting this website in 2012.  Whether it be requesting foresight in the planning of Hunters Point Park to visualize it all of half a decade ahead, describing LIC as a giant cul-de-sac, or cultivating free-range kids and selbstständigkeit (self-sufficiency).

Unlike the NYT article, which the father uses to proselytize about what should be, the purpose of this missive is to point out what already is: for all the reasons I mentioned in the previous paragraph’s links, Hunters Point is a playborhood. Now, all that’s needed is for it to be advertised, publicized, and written about as such.  Whether it be real estate brokers, residents, organizations (hello LIC Partnership), landlords, or politicians, it’s time for a major marketing initiative.  This is because playborhoods are nearly impossible to find in 2016 in the U.S., and it takes a herculean effort to actually create one in today’s screen-obsessed world. Thus, one more  reason to live in LIC.

//POKE: a raw fish salad, similar to a tartare or even ceviche, though typically less acidic

Ramen is sooo 2014.  Though it’s still delicious, I only have it delivered and wouldn’t be caught seen in a ramen joint or mention it in conversation.  Nor would anyone who wants to be like the Kardashians.

Nope, today’s hot culinary fad is poke, and Long Island City is about to get it’s first poke restaurant with the opening of PokeLICious. Continue reading

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Surf n Turf

The new look of the Crabhouse Long Island City

Ali is gone, and so is the boxing memorabilia

Ali is gone, and so is the boxing memorabilia

Surf n Turf

Surf n Turf

In case you were wondering what all the smoke was coming from the northeast last night, it was a 5-alarm fire at a workshop on Queens Boulevard near the Sunnyside border which began around 7:30pm and quickly ravaged the building.  Over two hundred fire fighters were called to the conflagration, and two were seriously injured.

In case you were wondering about the police cars on the wooden promenade in Gantry Park yesterday, and the police tape cordoning off the platforms where the red chairs are, according to a post on a local Facebook site, a rape/attack allegedly occurred there Monday night around 10pm.  So far there has only been one witness who was the Facebook poster, and the victim has yet to come forward.  We tweeted out the actual post and the news of the police investigation on Tuesday, but unlike the fire above, there is nothing very tangible.  One LICtalk reader has suggested that it would be very helpful if a police sketch based on the witness’ description were circulated.


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Gotta get some crabs!

Keep on crabbing!

According to a commenter on LICtalk, the Crabhouse on Borden Avenue will hold a soft opening this Saturday.  Through back channels, we didn’t get a denial of the rumor, which is enough for our less-than-esteemed publication to run with.  From the look of the picture above, snapped today, it appears they’ve dropped the ‘Waterfront’ from the title and will call it the Crabhouse Restaurant.  While they’re also maintaining the ‘Established’ date as 1976, the interior has undergone a complete renovation, and my guess is the menu has as well under its new management by Skinny of Skinny’s Cantina.  Thus the only question that remains is, can you get soft-shell crabs at the soft opening?

//Bagels & Ice Cream – while we’re on the subject of local eateries, Continue reading